By faith!

Use to be a saying if the LORD been good to you, SOMEBODY TESTIFY! Man I tell you the Lord has been so good to me I could flood my facebook for the next decade talking about all the things God did for me. I say this not to boast or brag for so many look upon you (me) and you are jealous of my happiness. but then I speak of my past and many rejoice in my face and say man Thank God I didn’t go through all that.

I pray nobody look upon me and be jealous for I will be the first to confess I am nothing. and anything I am today is only because of God. Long suffering. So many years I sat. I lamented. I mourned. I had no comforter. I was lost. I was broken. On my knees I cried blood to God. I was hurt so bad. Felt like a million knives in my chest. I am not ashamed to speak my past. I am delighted that I am even alive to write about it. The things I been through. The places I went, the things I saw. I doubt any would truly want to walk in my shoes for even I didn’t want to.

I lost my best friend when I was young, she was murdered. My parents kicked me out. I was rebellious. Nobody loved me then, they all ran from me, and I don’t blame them. Psalms 31:11. I am that reproach. I am that person they fled from when they see me. For almost 20 years I was the only yellow folk around. the whites said I was black. the blacks said you are none of us. I felt like an alien. I was an outcast. I was rejected by many. I was homeless. I was an addict. I was soooooooooooooooo many things my friends. I thought the odds were stacked against me, and truly they were! only my strength has been God and because of such and only because of this, I am alive to give GOD praise! THANK YOU JESUS!

Thank you for being with me in the wilderness. thank you for creating me into something new, something different. This isn’t even my whole life! I could keep on writing. But seriously pity parties don’t get you anywhere. now prayer to God, when nobody is watching. You might live to see the impossible! That is what I suggest people do. That is what I did.

Nobody wants to hear the truth. they want a fairy tale God that is made up and that gives us houses. and presents without repenting. Dear people. I don’t know what god the people are serving. but God I serve helps us do good. Helps us walk upright. tells us why we don’t sin. helps us make better decisions. because if you guys could stop fighting about end theories, and just speak life to us. the truth of the bible is Galatians 6 6:7-8 Dear People then you can add Hebrews 11:6.

God I come before you God, with way more faith then a mustard seed. I pray you plant a desire in your people to seek your face. I pray you give us strength that we need to go forward. help us be at peace. let us forget the past and help us build a new future on your foundation God.

Like dust of the ground we are. like a million ashes being blown in the breeze. we are dead vessels God. and I come to you the hand of the Potter, by your Hands God I pray it be done! I do pray Your Hand be upon us, may you shape us in our iniquities. Builds us up God. plant your seed in our soil and water us with your Holy Spirit in Jesus name Amen!

for I believe you created Man out of dust of the ground. I also believe it but a small thing to rise up a valley of ashes being scattered and create us into new beings! I believe you GOD can do such thing in faith I pray

P.s the sad things above were not written for pity. nor sympathy what I was trying to say in the politest way is. We all have some kind of sad story. so no matter what you are going through. be at ease God can comfort you. and also please get to a church where they read the bible. Get to a support group of some kind.

So many people suffer so much tragedy. They have support groups to help you get you through almost any tragedy. I believe in God, so honestly I would say read your bible. Start seeking God, asking God for help. I don’t know. I use to not have faith a long time ago and I know some of you aren’t ready yet, but honestly God would want you to live. I love Proverbs 3! I fully confess the WORD Comforts me! ❤

Psalm 30:11 Amen! and if God did it for me! I believe God can do it for any willing! The core of my Beliefs! ❤ Shalom dear ones!

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