Dead Friendships

I don’t call people I never see friends. if we are friends why do we not talk? why is there no conversation? I call these people strangers. In times of absences people can change. Who your best friend was ten years ago is not who they could be today. People can change. Cherish the ones who love you and keep them close. I feel only strangers barely talk. The ones I call friends are the ones in my circle.

I hear this stuff about ohhh my best friend, we don’t have to talk for years and when we do it is like we never stopped talking. Sorry My thinking is. if we are best friends why have we not talked in years? with all the cell phones, and facebook and so many ways to keep in touch why are we not talking? anyways that is how my brain thinks.

I am not forcing any to be around me. If you don’t want to talk to me don’t, but don’t be mad when I don’t consider you my friend. I am really picky with who I let in, so if you want to stay around act like it. Or be gone. Just how I feel about it. i am not desperate for friends and truly don’t mind being alone with Jesus,. won’t be the first time in my life it has been that way, and could not be the last either. 2019 is the year i got rid of dead relationships and dead friendships. may they rest in peace!

Sorry I mean no offense but with the world being the way it is. I know I am rare and because of such I am very picky with who i let be my friend. So many fakes and phonies in the world. it is hard to find good quality people in today’s times. and if you let too many losers in your life. they will break you and be gone and then what?

I put a lot of work in to be a good person. and because I do. I want my work to be appreciated. So many people think good people are stepping stones or door matts or something to be taken advantage of. You do not see we choose to be this way. so when you find a good person VALUE THEM! I mean open your eyes dear people, how much of the world is good in today’s times?

Either way i don’t think I am better then any but seriously if you are out there and you are being different, you are being the lamb in the midst of wolves. be careful beloveds. people don’t have to love you. people don’t have to be nice to you. so when you find someone who is CHERISH THEM! For it is indeed a choice! I pray many get over the entitled thinking because honestly if even one person loves you THAT IS A BLESSING! AND TRUTH be told one should cling to their blessing. Not take it for granted,. Just my thinking. in it.

random thought* Sorry don’t mean to offend any just my thinking. Treat people how you want to be treated and when you see someone treating you well. APPRECIATE THEM! For in today’s times so many a holes. but how many good people? then we find the good ones and be a holes to them? Something is truly wrong with this!

You can hate me,, not like me, don’t have to be around me, but please don’t say we are friends and never talk to me! Sorry in my mind that just doesn’t fit right but to each their own. I pray this be the year many of us examine our lives and go through our friends with a fine tooth comb and just start examining our lives and the ones we call homies. just my advice. have a blessed day beloveds!

2 thoughts on “Dead Friendships

  1. Yassss I definitely agree with you. I never understood when people say someone’s their friend and they don’t even take the time to reach out to their friends. How can you call yourself a friend and go an entire year without talking to your friend? We all have our own problems. It doesn’t take five minutes to reach out to someone. People make so many excuses. Like you mentioned, your not forcing anyone to remain in your life. I’ve learned to stop maintaining friendships with people who don’t want to maintain a relationship with me. The right people will come my way. In a world, where people have the wrong motives, it is very important that we have the spirit of discernment to differentiate between wolves and sheep. These days some people want to be friends for benefits. Genuine friendships are rare to find. Many people don’t value friendship. I enjoyed this read.

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