This is going to be the year God blesses a great multitude of people. and they shall rise and GOD will give them power to overcome the enemy and stomp on his head and say devil you have no authority. and the LORD said it is finished and it will be completed by the ZEAL OF THE LORD! Happy NEW year dear ones! it is written the people in the darkness have seen a GREAT LIGHT and when the whole world walks in darkness the LIGHT will shine!! Dear ones there is so much darkness all around and only Jesus came in LIGHT and LOVE and came with the redeeming blood. let us be like those who covered our houses in the blood of the Lamb but then lets not be like those who complained in the wilderness, but instead let us be made NEW in Jesus name Amen!

So how can a man be born again? he can be washed clean by Jesus!! he can sit with GOD and let the LORD renew his mind, his soul and spirit, and man the LORD can do that for woman too! and even child if they are willing! and that is truth dear people! I pray this video bless many!! it is what I consider edifying and refreshing and renewing. have a blessed day dear ones! Just some wisdom for people who want to move forward, and come to some understanding in their life.