Not behind BUT UNDER!

Not behind me but under! No where you can run devil! For the Lord has given me the path to take and the path is lit up on your head. Where I walk my feet will trample evil. I will not bow down before it neither will it get behind me . IT IS UNDER MY FOOT! I crush it when I walk.  The Lord gave me the power to crush the very serpents head and I shall use it to the fullest authority in fact just my voice  is able to say devil you are a liar. You are dead, dead you will be I am alive, Through Christ and I know your words have no effect in my life. MY AUTHORITY AND WORDS COME FROM THE MOST HIGH! JESUS! who had power to cast out all unclean spirits! THANK YOU JESUS!

God has always been above lies, and the truth shall set you free, and the WORD washes us clean by the Blood of Jesus and all the blood that was shed since sin entered this world. I pray many be set free by the TRUTH of Jesus and please beloved look past images AND SEEK THE WORD! Have a blessed WONDERFUL DAY!  Shalom!

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