drug life mentality

a message I did a few years back. Don’t let the make up confuse you. Make up doesn’t change my heart dear people! I pray these words bless many! have a blessed WONDERFUL DAY! My computer almost crash like 2 weeks ago. I had long needed to move things around. That is a main reason I have not made any art yet. I am sifting through a lot of old things. Lost what I was currently working on! Either way I watched this and I do pray it blesses someone today as it did years ago when I had it uploaded for the public! Doesn’t seem my heart has changed much. i don’t know you tell me?

an old video I made a while back. A real video about life I made for the forgotten generation that is just dropping like flies. I pray God give us the Holy Spirit and help us over come our addictions in Jesus name Amen! Just words to consider friends have a blessed day in the Lord.

A perfect person

I sought a perfect person, I sought a perfect religion. I sought a perfect tradition. I sought a perfect friend, a perfect relation, a perfect life and all the was vexation to my soul. it was also vanity. Who am I that I should overcome or be over any hard ship in life? Who am I that I should have a life without problems? a life with only joy? what man’s life has been perfected from beginning to end? is such a person alive in earth today?

I know not, but I know I did search many places all over. I sat with the rich. I sat with the poor. I sat with the educated, the simple, many colors, many people and all I saw was people. I looked up to the sky I spoke to God. the only perfection I know is Jesus. I love the Word but is the Word perfected?

They argue languages, they argue wisdom, they say let us look at facts. and so much knowledge, many over look the simple. never understanding something greater then people made people. Do any ever consider the stars, the moon and the skies? we say we are gods, but yet in my brain, I am like why are we not making the things God made?

I am not a perfect person. I am in the middle of creating art, and music and trying to do a million things, and if I was God they would all be done at once. and lately I have been exercising and that has been exhausting me. This was a random note I wrote in this.

Please don’t look upon me thinking I am perfect. I only know God is perfect. I believe Jesus to be perfect. and that is what I believe but I don’t know what others think or do or know but honestly my eyes are going to stay on what I believe is perfection.

Dear God. help me better then I am today. help me be better then I was yesterday. To make good decisions, help me not make excuses but give me super natural strength to be good. to be different. help me do things pleasing to you God. have your way in my life. Plant my feet deeply in you GOD and let me not slip or fall or be cast away but help me walk in Jesus name Amen!

Thank God for being God

Thank God for being God. many people will abandon people. they will do many things and when times get bad they bail. and sometimes others stay too long just to get all walked on. There are so many who have called out to God when we were wounded. when we were stranded we all ready know, had it not been for God we would not even be standing. I pray this be the season many look with in.

There is scripture that says God never leaves us or forsakes us and I tell you when I say when I was forsaken and abandoned the Lord took me in. The Lord Comforted my heart, my soul and my spirit. I am trying hard to cross over to, I don’t want to call God a he, nor a she. for God is invisible and has been saving many for many generations.

Many people fall down and never rise again and others say they can rise on their own. There are also those who say had it not been for the Lord I would not be standing at all. Had I not prayed I would of fainted and even when I did pray sometimes I was still faint. No matter the condition the Lord has always been able to lift me up. I am believer God will do the same for all who seek the Lord. and this is the message I been speaking almost my whole life, because as a person who prays I do know prayers get heard.

I pray God turn many unbelief into believing in Jesus name Amen! Also for those who don’t know the truth in the Word. God is mentioned as both he and she in the bible. The She is referred to Wisdom. please don’t pervert the INVISIBLE GOD!

it is great to think of GOD as our Father. Then if GOD is our Father truly GOD would be our Mother too. But just in simple American language. Please don’t make God into a mere human for even though Jesus was SON, it was written I came for the Father. The Father is Creator of all things. Jesus said ask in my name. Everything was given to the hands of Jesus. and honestly when people sit at Jesus feet you will see Jesus is LIFE and GOD and they are ONE!

This is truly the mystery of the Gospel being hand delivered to you dear people. I pray we eat it, receive it and let it be GOOD FOOD FOR OUR NAVEL! Have a blessed day in the LORD!

God has always been LIFE, and the devil whisper you won’t die, you won’t get addicted, it’s fun the devil says, but then when you sit back and observe the facts, what is fun in evil dear people? I pray this open the eyes to many! Thank God for being God! ❤ who is more then able to open the eyes of a multitude of people! THE LORD IS WONDERFUL DEAR PEOPLE!


Entitled Generation

These words might not be the most popular but I do pray they populate the earth in Jesus name Amen! People don’t owe you anything. But you do owe your self enough to look with in your self and better your self. Just what I believe. have a blessed super natural day in JESUS! ❤ Sorry dear people I am going to be like my parents and speak in love because I CHOOSE to love you! and no hatred or bad words is going to change my love for you! and Jesus loves you too! ❤ God's love is greater then mine! and I am a 100% believer of is to love is to speak LIFE!  I never had a friend, I called a friend that wanted me to die. I don't call those people friends beloved. But who knows maybe perhaps I am the only one who feels this way, Am I different? You tell me?

Not behind BUT UNDER!

Not behind me but under! No where you can run devil! For the Lord has given me the path to take and the path is lit up on your head. Where I walk my feet will trample evil. I will not bow down before it neither will it get behind me . IT IS UNDER MY FOOT! I crush it when I walk.  The Lord gave me the power to crush the very serpents head and I shall use it to the fullest authority in fact just my voice  is able to say devil you are a liar. You are dead, dead you will be I am alive, Through Christ and I know your words have no effect in my life. MY AUTHORITY AND WORDS COME FROM THE MOST HIGH! JESUS! who had power to cast out all unclean spirits! THANK YOU JESUS!

God has always been above lies, and the truth shall set you free, and the WORD washes us clean by the Blood of Jesus and all the blood that was shed since sin entered this world. I pray many be set free by the TRUTH of Jesus and please beloved look past images AND SEEK THE WORD! Have a blessed WONDERFUL DAY!  Shalom!

Happy New Year!

Dear God I pray against the spirit of hate, the spirit of resentment, the spirit of anger and jealously. i squash it by the heel of my foot for I know the POWER OF YOUR HOLY WORD! rest in peace devil and may your evil spirit be forgotten and remembered no more. God give your Children a new spirit, a new heart and crush the very serpents head in Jesus name Amen!
Fill us with your Holy Spirit. fill us with your Wisdom. By the hands of God IT SHALL BE DONE!!! FOR THESE WORDS ARE FAITHFUL AND TRUE DEAR ONES!
God did not tell us to be evil beloveds. think about it. hate is a spirit of death., is the devil dead? why is hell always about torment? open your eyes dear people and let this wisdom bless you this season HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Written by Michelle Stokes. This is going to be the year that God gives us our robes and teaches us to overcome the evil voice. God is going to fill many with the Holy Spirit and you will be gifted with not only the will to live but a NEW SPIRIT to enjoy life my friends. because truthfully so many are tormented by sin and this is only because they are ignorant to the TRUTH OF THIS WORLD!