Social media church, why is only the pastor lifted up?

Thank God for loving us all, that the Lord would have many use social media to draw in lost crowds. But now the saddest thing is so many think social media is now their god. instead of run to the bibles they go run to the pastor’s social page. they listen to services online, but won’t even let the Gospel play out loud for them. God is a jealous God dear people, and now GOD has to share GOD’s glory with the pastor? the GLORY that should be given to GOD is now given to men? We praise our pastor higher then we praise GOD. 😦 that is a sad day beloveds!

and truly and it is great for babes to grow in strange ways in the beginning, but as we grow in God dear people, GOD SHOULD BE THE FIRST WE RUN TO! some would rather stir up the LORD’s anger and continuously run to their pastor and never even seek God. Dear people these things ought not be.

I am getting to the point I hardly even want to speak the Gospel online anymore. but no wait the Gospel I hand feed people daily!!! but that is not what they want. They want me to sound like the worldly teachers and preachers who never even feed them Gospel. itching ears. pleasing messages, side way messages, that never speak on the narrow path. just hey pastor make me feel good.

How long do men think GOD will continue to share GOD’s glory with them? Do people know the WORD is perfect and if we seek it wisdom and knowledge is given? it is GIVEN AS A GIFT FROM GOD dear people for sitting with the LORD. You ever notice you sit with your pastor and somehow only the pastor seems to be blessed. his house grows, so do his cars, and his outfit, but yet those who sit with the pastor still poor and broken? Why is that dear people? The pastor doesn’t seem to be giving any gifts, and honestly how long will we continue in this foolishness? I pray many sit with JESUS and find out GOD’S GIFTS ARE GREATER THEN THE PASTORS! truth beloveds and i pray many find this truth and it set us free and open the doors so GOD may gift us accordingly which it is written the LORD rewards those who seek diligently my friends! I pray this wisdom bless a whole new nation of people in JESUS name Amen!

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