Fakes verse real verses phonies. i need a word

I have no desire to sit as a leader. I have found so many can not wait to be a preacher or a teacher, and many want huge crowds. I don’t want either or any of these things. I truly do pray people find God and a real relationship with the Lord. I will not allow any to judge me. I have no desire to sit in the position where everyone looks at me and over looks them self. We all looking for that perfect pastor, that perfect person, that perfect religion. Dear people if such things existed it would make the very death of Jesus not only vain but not needed.

I will not allow any to judge me, although each day people judge. You want to call me false? God bless you! You want to lift me up? God bless you! You want to speak bad things about me? God bless you! No matter what any say or think about me it is not going to change my path or my message. I love God. This is not an act, it isn’t a show. and honestly I am not pretending for any. This is who I am daily. and regardless of what people say, God has called me My Child since I was a kid and still until this day, even before I was born!

Sit and speak truth, tell people to read your bible then here comes this crowd (I call them devils)and they sit and watch and wait for any error, then they say. I am exposing them! and they think they did such an amazing thing. if you put the mirror in front of your own face how do you have time to follow people and sit and wait for every imperfection in them?

I know the things that are coming. it seems I am one of the few rare people that actually have had visions of what is to come. I sat and watched many and I seem to notice not many with my speech and honestly I have no problem at all sitting alone with God. Actually there is no other place I would rather be.

I would rather have people follow God then follow me. I am not perfect, what if I make error? I think it better to point all to Jesus. if you feel you must judge me then do so, but honestly my prayer this season. Lord help me not see ANYONE but you God! and I am going to be selfish and greedy with this prayer because honestly. if the Lord returns I want to make sure I am sitting guiltless and blameless before the Lord, and if that makes me the bad guy for being that way? then ok!! I will be that person and many things the world hates, GOD LOVES!

I make so many mistakes in my speech, in the things I write. if God is able to use it, that is a miracle with in itself. and I believe that is truth! Just tired. Most of those who say they are called to preach the Gospel, it seems what that really means is I will call everyone false but me. a new teaching I seem to see everywhere, and honestly in my heart, I say they are all false for my bible reads JESUS is the ONLY way, not a religion, not a tradition, not a pastor, not a person, not a woman and truly not me, ONLY JESUS!

Also please. YOU DON’T NEED ANYONE PROPHESYING OVER YOUR LIFE! if you sit with JESUS you would start to hear the Voice of JESUS! TRUTH BELOVEDS!! Just gets tiring of seeing people say, I need a word they say, and instead of picking up the Word. they say pastor give me the word. Which in my mind I am like that is crazy as hell. Why would you go to a pastor for something that is already written in a BOOK? You want a WORD from God, but won’t pick up the WORD of GOD? I truly do think we are in a lost generation, because honestly that stuff doesn’t even sound logical to me, and I am not suppose to be that smart.

You want a word from God? So how many words to God have you spoken to God? when is the last time you read your bible? I pray God give a new generation of people a strong desire to seek the LORD directly. Not through a pastor, nor a preacher, BUT THROUGH JESUS! For the bible is only hard to understand when you don’t read it often, and now with the way they made some of these new bibles so simple to understand, truly no more excuse to not feed yourself dear people! Actually plenty of excuses, JUST NO REASONS!

I pray God help many of us over come the spirit of laziness. for if God gave it to ONE, GOD will give it to ANY WHO SEEK DILIGENTLY MY FRIENDS! although some people are truly chosen by GOD and in order for you get where they are. You might just have to jump through fire. This world is a test dear people and your approach is your outcome. if you barely seeking the LORD, no wonder why you going to a man to hear a word. not every man who speaks is giving a Godly word dear people, and until you stop being lazy and work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, then those luke warm messages you will keep receiving. and this is truth I do pray many receive in Jesus name Amen!

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