Merry Christmas! part 2! <3

This is the second part of Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! This is my first official Bible Study i will be doing on Tuesdays. Although this one is different to all the ones after I will do pray it be a blessing to many in Jesus name Amen! So this is part 2 of two. it comes with a story, with prayer and some good old bible reading! I pray this be a blessing to many this year and this year be the year GOD write our names on the Lamb’s Book of LIFE and remember not our transgression and transform us in a NEW Creation in Christ! bringing us to LIFE! let the joy of the LORD’s salvation be many’s joy and may it return a joy I can’t number or label all for the zeal of the LORD! and the JOY of the LORD’s!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS JESUS! I pray all year long we hear you rejoicing in heaven and I don’t mean people’s year dear people! and it will be done! Shalom dear ones! For truly the heavens rejoice when even ONE RETURN! My God so many are return and soon will I CELEBRATE WITH YOU GOD! HOW WONDERFUL ARE YOU!! ❤

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