The Spirit is TRUTH!

The Spirit is Truth! and the Spirit of God gave us LIFE, and the WORD is life and SPIRIT! Jesus says I am LIFE and if you follow my WORD then you shall be my disciples indeed. Well that message was suppose to be for the Jews, But many Jews did not receive Jesus as the same as Cain did not heed the Words of God.
it is a murdering heart that closes our ears. It is the haunting spirit of evil we listen to when we do things not RIGHT! When we do not heed the Voice of the Holy Spirit then my friends, we are listening to things that are not GOD.
I pray this be the year many get gifted with discernment and many be able to tell RIGHT from wrong and let us follow the SON for indeed the SON is SUN to us and also LIVING WATERS! Daily Bread and all things the Body needs to survive in the SPIRIT world.
Some of us are in the desert and our souls are dry and parched. We need to come to the Living Waters. be like David in Psalms 63. I pray God lead many of us to green pastures. fertile soil, still waters, and may God plant us in His garden again and may we produce GOOD fruit in the land of the LIVING in Jesus name Amen!
Do not hide the path of LIGHT to us GOD but instead shine that LIGHT that we may see in Jesus name Amen! A planet without LIGHT is dead so, is the Body, mind soul and SPIRIT!