Just a moment I am not ashamed of

the whole thing isn’t me singing. Towards the end there is a prayer I pray bless and anoint the people in Jesus name Amen! Also I do not claim to be a singer but I am a woman not ashamed to worship God all over! have a blessed day dear people! I pray many can get past the song and get to the prayer and hear the Words and know they are real. Even if my voice doesn’t sound good, all the terrible sounding things we listen to, wouldn’t hurt to listen to the end and I pray it blesses those who do! I love you guys! have a super blessed wonderful day and Happy Holidays and a new day in Jesus name Amen! This video I did share before but I understand not everyone has facebook so I shared it again with youtube! Just because it is how I feel! I love you guys! have a wonderful day friends!

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