In My unbelief

Lord forgive me. I lack faith. I have always lacked faith. I sought you God in my unbelief, I cried out to God and over and over the Lord heard my cries! Who am I that you would hear my cries oh God? Who am I, I said? I cried I was so thankful and full of sorrow at the same time. Who am I the Lord would hear my prayers? I thank you God for whatever reason you would look down in heaven and answer the prayers of someone like me. I admit I am nothing, I am on the ground! who am I? that God would hear me? I DON’T KNOW!!! But all I know is I am so thankful to be alive and thank God for the breathe I have to say thanks to GOD. I apologize dear people. I think none of us are special and if God answers any of our prayers we should thank God because all us people are so unworthy.

if they only knew how HOLY GOD was. God doesn’t think like people. and I fully confess, I don’t know why God hears our prayers, and I am beyond trying to understand, I just want to thank God everyday for me and for everybody else! and if some of you don’t have anything to be thankful for. I all ready know it is because you are not searching for God. For those who search indeed can see how thankful WE SHOULD ALL BE! Let these words bless many this season! Happy New year dear people! and thank God for being able to thank God my friends. I pray God give many people many reasons to celebrate. Let this be the year God wash our hearts! Love you guys! and GOD’s love is GREATER then mine!

It is impossible to be HOLY without love and that is truth dear ones! and GOD’s love is GREATER then any understanding that stands in earth and beyond for it is the LOVE of GOD that created the things being and GOD said it was GOOD! and the earths celebrated, The heavens rejoiced! The wind sang songs to GOD! and everything bowed before the LORD and GOD said it was GOOD! I pray many find the GOODNESS of GOD and truly it only comes from GOD’s Love! perhaps now many will come to understanding why Jesus is the path to life!

Love dear people! Is the beginning of everything in earth and fear of God is smart and when you fear God enough to seek God then you come to understanding of the LOVE of GOD! Let your unbelief wash you clean in Jesus name Amen! and by the Hands of GOD it will be done! Shalom dear ones! written by Michelle Stokes!

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