The Spirit of Hope

Dear God to any out their  filled with the haunting spirit of doubt, the haunting spirit of fear, the haunting evil of depression, I say this because this world is truly a spiritual battle. and God gave us the power to crush the devils head. Now I know not medical terms and I come not against medicine, but honestly I say some of us depressed because we don’t know how to cope. and you can call this a religious message if you want, but I learned in my life the dark side came from being in the dark. the Word is our LIGHT! it our guide to LIFE but not only that God is everything GOOD in planet earth and some will say it is conscience or whatever they call the ONE who wants us to live.

Everyday we rise. everyday is a new opportunity. good things are productive. I pray many pick up the Holy Bible and consider their hearts. Look unto the goodness of God. not the haunting spirit that says death, or lies, or deception but come to God  with a new heart, with a new thought pattern, dear people. Trust when I say God created people to live. God also created the bodies to pass away. and that is the truth dear people

Every man and woman on planet earth have some obstacle to over come, some pain, some agony, and healing comes through Jesus my friends. no man will see God without Jesus because Jesus is the LOVE OF GOD! I pray God give us a new spirit of hope and fix those who are broken and help us see that as long as we live, change can come. and truly I say i pray many consider taking God with them because GOD IS REAL dear people.

I pray God take off our religious blinders so that many come to full knowledge of GOD who created us! By the hands of God this world was created but that is just part of the Gospel. the simple truth is GOD SAID, and IT WAS!  I pray many get filled with the Holy Ghost for it is written in King James Version 1 John Chapter 5:6-8 THE HOLY GHOST IS THE WORD! and again same bible version I pray we read Revelation Chapter 19 dear people and even perhaps 21, BUT GOD FORBID WE TAKE FROM THE WORD! So please read the whole Book from beginning to end to end from beginning as long as you live dear people. just what I consider good advice! love you guys!  Shalom!

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