The Seed of David! let us all be offspring!

The seed of David rise up and walk! and the Word is seed, and the seed of David’s Words ARE STILL LIFE TO US! For they are the same as JESUS! For David saw the LORD with him always! Whether on the right or left GOD WAS ALWAYS WITH DAVID! and as today, as yesterday and forevermore GOD WILL ALWAYS BE! These are the Words written by every Prophet that ever came, even the Son of man, who many call the Christ. THEY ARE ALL ONE AND ALL ON ONE ACCORD! AND ALL WORK FOR GOD’S WILL! They are faithful and true and have been tried since GOD created people beloveds!

Repent dear people. For the hearts of men is wicked, and honestly only through repenting will we see GOD, if not we become like Cain or even Judas or even like Adam and Eve. Our hearts tell us to do wicked things. Thank God for brains and being able to consider sound logic and reasoning, even the most simple can understand these things.

The seed of David rise! David teaches us to humble. Jesus teaches us to walk perfect! I pray we pick up our bibles and start reading it dear people. let our hearts not be evil. For the devil says die. sin is death and GOD is LIFE and Jesus came in LIFE! Shalom dear people and Merry Christmas, May this be the year we all give our lives to GOD, and die to all our haughty thoughts. Confess we are sinners. sit with GOD and honor and worship and praise. Even 15 minutes a day will get you further then nothing at all. and that is truth beloveds! God sees our hearts, There is not one sin hidden from God so let this year be the year we come to GOD WITH A SINCERE HEART!

and MY GOD LET’S BE LIKE DAVID! Who said I communed on my own bed, with my whole heart. When I saw the WORD say seek with your whole heart. MY WHOLE HEART I DID SEEK GOD! and our deeds are blessed! God without a doubt DOES reward those who seek WHOLLY MY FRIENDS! Let’s seek THE HOLY ONE AND say GOD MY HEART IS CORRUPTED!. Give me a new heart FASHIONED AFTER JESUS! God make it whole in Jesus name amen!

It is written ask in my name so your joy be filled. TRULY THE JOY OF THE LORD IS OUR STRENGTH! truly the joy of salvation IS GREAT! and that salvation comes through Jesus who is Christ KING UNTO US! LORDS OF LORDS AND Indeed the words of JESUS are true, tested and tried and also the same as GOD’s love! HOW WONDERFUL GOD’S LOVE IS! Why I tell you, IT IS IMMEASURABLE!

and the LOVE OF GOD ENDURES FOREVER! as it HAS ALWAYS BEEN WRITTEN! Before people were created, before the earth was. GOD’S LOVE WAS!

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