Dear God I pray let me be bold. I am so much like David and I am thankful God lead me to Psalms before any other scriptures. it was a blessing from God our Maker. the ONE sitting on His throne. There is no other King only Jesus dear people. God I pray I do not die for delivering this message but honestly I put my trust in your hand and if I die tomorrow, next week or even the next second I just want to THANK YOU GOD! Thank you for everything you have done in my life. I don’t want to ask you to live because I don’t want anyone to think I would ever deny you in any way so instead I pray to YOU instead like David please silence these liars lips,

but not to kill them God but fill them with a new spirit and a new heart for in the last days it is written your people would be filled with truth and no longer would they eat sour grapes AND I BELIEVE YOUR WORDS GOD! I do not want to go in long prayer because God does know how much i prayed in the past and I pray today even and GOD”s WILL WILL BE DONE! let this bless the people! Follow GOD dear people!

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