KJV Kwikscan Bible Review

So the other day I went through Bible Reviews! My bible collection! and I spoke of this bible. i just went to go look up reviews. many people have bad things to say about this bible. I share the one from the King James Store. For they only sell King James. I my self thought this bible was and is a blessing from God and as many see I own quite many King James versions. It doesn’t print anymore SO I AM GLAD I OWN MINE!  anyways I said I would do some bible reviews so I am I share this one for again it was one of the bibles I spoke of. you can look this bible if you want but since it is no longer being printed. You won’t find it new. only used. I love this bible honestly!  But I do love a lot of versions! Thank God who is able to speak to people in all Kinds of versions of the bible. God is able to hear our prayers, see our deeds and know our hearts. HOW WONDERFUL IS GOD DEAR PEOPLE! THERE ARE SO MANY BIBLE VERSIONS i PRAY WE PICK ONE UP AND SAY SOME PRAYERS AND ASK GOD TO CLEANSE US UP!

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