Artwork soon coming!

Going to upload some pieces of my art. Or what i call art anyways! I have been writing a lot, so I just want to take a moment to say hi to all the new comers coming here. God bless us and help us all go forward. I don’t know what I am. I love God and honestly I pray everything I do be a great show piece for God. and I don’t mean so that I can show off. but I pray everything I do be for God’s show in Jesus name Amen!

I can’t separate the love of God from myself and if i could or knew how I wouldn’t even want to. When I wasn’t by God I was miserable, and because of that God did come and give me Comfort. God has been faithful to me from Words written in a Book, I didn’t read, and honestly I just think that so deep. I truly don’t know how deep others love is but my love, I let sooooooooooooooooo many do so many things to me because I love them. if I treated them like that would they love me I think? I doubt it. But honestly they are them, and I am me and honestly God has been so faithful to me. I pray with my whole heart God, please I never want to leave you again. Don’t let anything stand in my way in Jesus name amen!

I don’t want anything to come in between me and my relationship with God but instead God please add many things in my life to make sure I stay focused and centered on you God in Jesus name amen!  I mean no offense but when I wasn’t with God I was miserable and honestly just happy to be alive to even give God praise and that is truth dear people!

praying everyone’s day is blessed and God fill us with joy and wisdom in Jesus name amen! I love you guys! Art work soon coming but when God says write I listen! Have  A BLESSED WONDERFUL DAY!  Isaiah 9:6! ❤ Shalom!


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