not the devil’s friend

I am not the devil’s friend, neither did I come to play patty cake with him either. I came to punch him in the nose, knock him to the ground, stomp on his head and say DEVIL YOU ARE DEAD! YOU CAN’T HAVE MY FAMILY! YOU CAN’T HAVE MY FRIENDS! THIS IS GOD’S EARTH!  I came with so much oil I am passing mine out for Christmas. I have much to share I packed enough in me TO LAST A LIFE TIME!

Never in my life have a wanted a friend who wanted me to die. I STOMP ON THE DEVIL’S HEAD! Get under me satan! For GOD gave ME POWER TO CRUSH YOUR HEAD! AND i AM GOING TO WALK ALL OVER IT for the devil has become my footstool!!! AND HE HAS BEEN TRAMPLED all on by these WORDS! HE HAS NO AUTHORITY OVER ME! OVER ANYTHING I DO, NOR THE THINGS I think for GOD gave me the WISDOM to overcome! POOF BE GONE!

Sorry dear people My Father taught me how to fight!!! I took up kick boxing so I could lift these legs and kick the devil dead in the head. I didn’t do that in real life. it was a joke. But I am well equipped to fight this SPIRITUAL BATTLE! devil you have NO POWER HERE! Hell is REAL! No rest for the wicked! There is something in earth that wants us to die and something that wants us to live. So in this generation do any know the difference?


Please don’t confine GOD!

Please don’t confine God to one bible, and for those who will come and speak of another book, just as you love your book I love mine. I know Jesus and honestly since Jesus came in LIFE and I believe God would want LIFE for people. please allow me to worship God who gave life. for as far as I know only the devil is death, and my friends, do they want me to die? and if so, are they my friends? I apologize but I am not Jesus, and I truly don’t want a Judas in my circle. I also don’t want to sit with people who hate me.

Life is short dear people and I do believe this world to be a test and not everyone is going to live forever. for if you don’t find LIFE in earth you don’t find LIFE when you cross over for they don’t mix. the only way to cross over is knock at the door and Jesus spoke I am the door and all whoever came before me were liars, and thieves and murders. and since all have sinned, on judgement day when our bodies fade, our souls will either live or die. John Chapter 10.

Hell is real. it was and is not a typo that was written in the Word. it is real, only it is not in the flesh yet, only spirit and when the flesh rots in hell, the earth will be destroyed with fire and that will be true hell, but until then, the dead roam earth and torment the living my friends. Instead of us fight people, I pray many of us discover the real battle. The battle between GOD and the devil, and trust me when I say there is only ONE GOD dear people and that GOD gave us LIFE in planet earth and evermore, for those who are deemed worthy!

it is written in the last days any who called on the Name of the LORD will be saved, and we are most definitely in the last days dear people and trust me when I say the last IS NOT THE END! and no man wants to see the end! not if they knew the truth beloveds. Ask your self why are the dead are always trying to take the living bodies? why dead spirits  always a murdering spirit? so why did murder horror movies come to be? Ohh that is made up too huh? if we all believe in haunting spirits, time for us to get acquainted with THE HOLY GHOST DEAR PEOPLE!  For GOD is HOLY and GOD is not dead and never has been! GOD IS THE SPIRIT OF LIFE!

Please don’t  confine(limit) GOD  into (with) our thoughts. our thoughts are not GOD’s if they were we would be building planets and making people. those are my beliefs anyways. but at the same time I do pray our minds be transformed by the WORD. Romans 12:2. Also I mean no offense but truly people see in every country many are doing wrong by GOD. let us not be finger pointers but instead let us lift our fingers to GOD in prayer!  I consider that the wise thing to do anyways. What you people want to do, is up to you! have a blessed day beloveds. Sorry for all this dark stuff but in order to see, sometimes we just got let it all come out. Might be hard to take in but in the end it is  DELIGHT!

Life Recovery Bible review

This is a bible review for the recovery life bible. The one I made mention of in this video, Bible Reviews! My bible collection! I spoke of the NIV version.  I enjoyed this video on it. i read through many of the notes in the NIV before I handed it on to another and I truly see why it would be such a blessing to someone out there recovering from addictions. if that is the listener perhaps pick up a recovery bible dear people. hind sight I wish i had kind of kept this bible because i think it is good to own. but I spoke why I didn’t in the video. Anyways just sharing this review praying it blesses someone today in Jesus name Amen! Think I am going to find a review for the teen study bible since I did like that one so much!

Men leaders?

I was taught men were called to be leaders. here is some wisdom dear people. How many men will listen? If every man treated every woman in planet earth like their own dauther they LOVE, THIS WORLD WOULD SEE CHANGE! also i pray this be the year God make a lot of RUTHS and let their be a lot of Josephs who when tempted DID FLEE! Or even the Joseph who married Mary who carried a child that was not his.

It only takes two body pieces to make a child, but only a Man and Woman can raise one! I pray God rise many men back to be leaders, in Jesus name Amen!  Let us all put our eyes on God and the rest will come to pass! These are just my prayers dear people. we all looking for a savior but who will be a leader?  are there any men who will lead us? and if woman lead and provide then why do we need man?

It truly takes a real man to stand and be different and be different in this generation. So are there any real men in this generation? Look at Joseph in Genesis, I think that is manly inspiration! Just what i believe though. I do pray for men. I pray God help you better chose wives, and lead the way get in your Word. for truly the Word is Wisdom!  and all the men of old who where noble did seek Wisdom!

The Spirit of Hope

Dear God to any out their  filled with the haunting spirit of doubt, the haunting spirit of fear, the haunting evil of depression, I say this because this world is truly a spiritual battle. and God gave us the power to crush the devils head. Now I know not medical terms and I come not against medicine, but honestly I say some of us depressed because we don’t know how to cope. and you can call this a religious message if you want, but I learned in my life the dark side came from being in the dark. the Word is our LIGHT! it our guide to LIFE but not only that God is everything GOOD in planet earth and some will say it is conscience or whatever they call the ONE who wants us to live.

Everyday we rise. everyday is a new opportunity. good things are productive. I pray many pick up the Holy Bible and consider their hearts. Look unto the goodness of God. not the haunting spirit that says death, or lies, or deception but come to God  with a new heart, with a new thought pattern, dear people. Trust when I say God created people to live. God also created the bodies to pass away. and that is the truth dear people

Every man and woman on planet earth have some obstacle to over come, some pain, some agony, and healing comes through Jesus my friends. no man will see God without Jesus because Jesus is the LOVE OF GOD! I pray God give us a new spirit of hope and fix those who are broken and help us see that as long as we live, change can come. and truly I say i pray many consider taking God with them because GOD IS REAL dear people.

I pray God take off our religious blinders so that many come to full knowledge of GOD who created us! By the hands of God this world was created but that is just part of the Gospel. the simple truth is GOD SAID, and IT WAS!  I pray many get filled with the Holy Ghost for it is written in King James Version 1 John Chapter 5:6-8 THE HOLY GHOST IS THE WORD! and again same bible version I pray we read Revelation Chapter 19 dear people and even perhaps 21, BUT GOD FORBID WE TAKE FROM THE WORD! So please read the whole Book from beginning to end to end from beginning as long as you live dear people. just what I consider good advice! love you guys!  Shalom!


Dear God I pray let me be bold. I am so much like David and I am thankful God lead me to Psalms before any other scriptures. it was a blessing from God our Maker. the ONE sitting on His throne. There is no other King only Jesus dear people. God I pray I do not die for delivering this message but honestly I put my trust in your hand and if I die tomorrow, next week or even the next second I just want to THANK YOU GOD! Thank you for everything you have done in my life. I don’t want to ask you to live because I don’t want anyone to think I would ever deny you in any way so instead I pray to YOU instead like David please silence these liars lips,

but not to kill them God but fill them with a new spirit and a new heart for in the last days it is written your people would be filled with truth and no longer would they eat sour grapes AND I BELIEVE YOUR WORDS GOD! I do not want to go in long prayer because God does know how much i prayed in the past and I pray today even and GOD”s WILL WILL BE DONE! let this bless the people! Follow GOD dear people!

KJV Kwikscan Bible Review

So the other day I went through Bible Reviews! My bible collection! and I spoke of this bible. i just went to go look up reviews. many people have bad things to say about this bible. I share the one from the King James Store. For they only sell King James. I my self thought this bible was and is a blessing from God and as many see I own quite many King James versions. It doesn’t print anymore SO I AM GLAD I OWN MINE!  anyways I said I would do some bible reviews so I am I share this one for again it was one of the bibles I spoke of. you can look this bible if you want but since it is no longer being printed. You won’t find it new. only used. I love this bible honestly!  But I do love a lot of versions! Thank God who is able to speak to people in all Kinds of versions of the bible. God is able to hear our prayers, see our deeds and know our hearts. HOW WONDERFUL IS GOD DEAR PEOPLE! THERE ARE SO MANY BIBLE VERSIONS i PRAY WE PICK ONE UP AND SAY SOME PRAYERS AND ASK GOD TO CLEANSE US UP!