Christmas Challenge

Praise the Lord dear people. I have a challenge and I pray many accept it. Unto us this day a Savior was born, and unto us every person in every nation was given LIFE through HIM! Christ came in LIFE, and Christ is NOT the last name of JESUS! But neither of these names change the message neither! do they change GOD! WORD! from the beginning of our Bible. Our Creator gave us LIFE, and as the same LIFE is through Christ. Or Jesus, Or Christ Jesus, Jesus Christ but please know Christ is God unto us and has been and always will be my friends.

Christ was not born on December 25, neither is Christ an image. again Christ being Jesus my friends. For personally Christ is not a name I use often. I say God, I say Jesus and they are ONE indeed! This year I challenge every person on planet earth to open your bible and read it out loud. I have admitted I do read the Word every year for Jesus and I ask none to be as me, but at the same time please be. But I read the Bible out loud every year for many hours out loud. For and to Jesus, I do these things and then I say merry CHRIST mass! For all day I did have Mass with JESUS!

So I do not expect any to do as I do, but truly we can read a scripture out loud, or say a prayer and let us give thanks unto the ONE who gave us LIFE dear people! let us thank God for presents and those who have none I pray you just thank God you have lungs and toes and arms and feet. for this year many will have nothing. this year some will not wake up. This year someone will die on the street unnoticed. Dear people if you are saddened by lost ones this season I pray God grant you with the present of peace this Christmas!

I pray This be the year God restore a mighty nation under GOD my friends. I also pray God give many people a new heart this year, a new spirit, a new soul and God please all them years I sat with you and asked for nothing at all. Please God give me a Christmas present AND I WILL CELEBRATE WITH YOU! because indeed YOUR JOY WOULD BE MINE! and God all them years i sat and you know I got not one present at all and God they say santa gives gifts. I never asked for one so please let this be the season you bless me for every year I went without asking in Jesus name God let it be done!

Have a blessed day dear people! I know I AM! For I am celebrating with GOD! Santa writes a list GOD did before santa! The Lamb’s Book of LIFE, and this will be the year GOD will add unto GOD! Shalom!

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