People over religion

Dear God I come to you and you alone. I pray this be the year you change the heart of the people, and I do not mean a year in man’s terms.

Dear people. I know some of us, we all love our religion we say this religion is the right way, this is right and so many point fingers at other countries and we look upon our neighbor and we covet for what they have. To those who don’t know covet can be another word for jealousy. Why are we jealous?

perhaps if we all look at God, God will give us life in our own lands. I seen not one perfect country, nor person, it is like the garden of Eden this one points blame on this one and another point at others. They are sinning. They made me. and we all point fingers at everyone else.

I don’t want to die for other people, and if others want to, then fine, but God I pray to you please change the hearts of the people. help them to see their own faults. help us shine off them mirrors and look deep within and see how we are wrong and I don’t mean our looks but our hearts. help us all look within God.

Jesus died for every person on earth but honestly, free will is a blessing and a curse. we all look to the future we say this is the end. we think we are above judgment and persecution, not only do we not see how Jesu was persecuted, we never look in the past, and even I was guilty of such things until I had a vision from God. I was sad about the end days. God said if you are sad. let me show you things from my eyes. I saw the past. I saw so many murdered, so many hung, so many murdered and slaughtered and raped.

and this is the past for so many generations, even the present dear people. I pray this be the year God gift us with a heart to see and eyes to hear. Let us examine our selves dear people.  I know I am and I am thankful to live. I once was sad. I pray if any be sad pray to God my friends. I pray this truth not be silenced, but that God gift life to many people this year, in Jesus name Amen! merry Christmas dear people! I pray this be the year we celebrate life and NOT death and life is through Jesus my friends! who point us back to God who gave us life. THEY ARE ONE!

Jesus points us all the way back to Abel, why dear people? I pray many go examine scriptures and while we are at it let us read John Chapter 8, in fact, let us read our Word whole! Shalom dear people! The best thing I consider to give people as presents is good advice. it is priceless and you can share it with all your friends and they can pass the gift around and it last forever!

Churches don’t have a soul, (I mean the buildings) PEOPLE DO! and God does care more for people then rocks and stones dear people! God is not a religion God loved and loves people so much God leaves us instructions dear people and it is LIFE TO US! Life is forever it does not cross over. The only way to have eternal LIFE IS THROUGH JESUS!

death does not sleep, there is no rest. the dead can not cross over to the living. Only Jesus can redeem the dead and did by dying for our sins. Not everyone who are dead will cross over my friends.  I pray we all get covered under the RIGHTEOUS BLOOD! let this be the year we shed the blood of Jesus over our head like they did their doorsteps. meaning sit at Jesus feet and pay attention dear people!

Jesus never died. Jesus has been LIFE and LIVES now and where there is no JESUS there is only death and hades and hell. I wrote this so the gift of discernment can be given this year! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Grow in GOD dear people! To grow in GOD is to be firmly planted in the WORD!

God speaks fear not, neither be dismayed, confess you are sinners. know that I have seen your sin, every deed you ever did, Before birth I knew you. I hand shaped you. I let my Son die for you so that you may be set free that you may find LIFE and LIFE abundantly through me! I am the ONE that commanded do not murder from the start. I am the ONE who said do not eat of the tree, for if you do you will die. I also knew you would before you did. This is how I designed earth beloveds.   I also knew the day they ate their eyes would be opened as it was to be and it was good. For God loves us so much God would not force God on us.  When you love your children and they get older, you have to let them make decisions of their own.

These are the things until this day God lets be dear people. I say this again so people grow in discernment this year that way when we pass away there is no more blame for sin. Truth be told the only blame there has ever been is lack of knowledge dear people. and when we read Genesis we see this to be true.

Adam and Eve had a choice as do we today. Life or death. Thank GOD for the gift of discernment dear people! IT IS THE GIFT TO BE ABLE TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOOD and evil!  and indeed now our eyes have been open, let this be the year we CELEBRATE LIFE WITH GOD MY FRIENDS! John 14:6. Again Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

How I feel!

Sorry God but the LORD does know I would be like David and dance with the ark in my hand! ❤ The sounds i would sing to God in heaven I tell you! ❤ Amen! let’s dance like David did when the Ark was returned! 2 Samuel 6:14, Revelation 21:3-7   Rejoice I said! or I know I am! 😀

Praise JESUS! Let them call me a fool for you GOD! and I will dance like DAVID DID! For my GOD is worthy and indeed can turn something worldly into something WORTHY! ❤ Below is how I feel about JESUS! ❤


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! From the house of  I don’t have a lot of money to gift people this year But truly I am in the mood to CELEBRATE!  They say wisdom is priceless. what are prayers? If men give gifts, how much GREATER ARE THE GIFTS OF GOD? Shalom! Merry CHRIST mass! The LORD is handing out GIFTS! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! Blessed are those who listen to the end and receive their blessing, in Jesus name Amen!

If the gifts our earthly parents give be good. how much GREATER are the gifts of the ONE who created the people?

Christmas Challenge

Praise the Lord dear people. I have a challenge and I pray many accept it. Unto us this day a Savior was born, and unto us every person in every nation was given LIFE through HIM! Christ came in LIFE, and Christ is NOT the last name of JESUS! But neither of these names change the message neither! do they change GOD! WORD! from the beginning of our Bible. Our Creator gave us LIFE, and as the same LIFE is through Christ. Or Jesus, Or Christ Jesus, Jesus Christ but please know Christ is God unto us and has been and always will be my friends.

Christ was not born on December 25, neither is Christ an image. again Christ being Jesus my friends. For personally Christ is not a name I use often. I say God, I say Jesus and they are ONE indeed! This year I challenge every person on planet earth to open your bible and read it out loud. I have admitted I do read the Word every year for Jesus and I ask none to be as me, but at the same time please be. But I read the Bible out loud every year for many hours out loud. For and to Jesus, I do these things and then I say merry CHRIST mass! For all day I did have Mass with JESUS!

So I do not expect any to do as I do, but truly we can read a scripture out loud, or say a prayer and let us give thanks unto the ONE who gave us LIFE dear people! let us thank God for presents and those who have none I pray you just thank God you have lungs and toes and arms and feet. for this year many will have nothing. this year some will not wake up. This year someone will die on the street unnoticed. Dear people if you are saddened by lost ones this season I pray God grant you with the present of peace this Christmas!

I pray This be the year God restore a mighty nation under GOD my friends. I also pray God give many people a new heart this year, a new spirit, a new soul and God please all them years I sat with you and asked for nothing at all. Please God give me a Christmas present AND I WILL CELEBRATE WITH YOU! because indeed YOUR JOY WOULD BE MINE! and God all them years i sat and you know I got not one present at all and God they say santa gives gifts. I never asked for one so please let this be the season you bless me for every year I went without asking in Jesus name God let it be done!

Have a blessed day dear people! I know I AM! For I am celebrating with GOD! Santa writes a list GOD did before santa! The Lamb’s Book of LIFE, and this will be the year GOD will add unto GOD! Shalom!