Key of David! Blessings from God!

The blessing of God from heaven be upon the earth. may all with ears hear, and eyes with who can see. let us open our ears to God and our eyes so that we may see THE INVISIBLE HOLY SPIRIT! AND YES TO THOSE WHO WILL SAY I AM YELLING I AM INDEED YELLING! I am going to proclaim and profess, even yell if I have to about the GOODNESS OF GOD DEAR PEOPLE! AND THIS IS TRUTH BELOVEDS! I pray this truth open the eyes of the people and this be the year and the day many of us turn to God so God can welcome us with open arms and it WILL COME TO PASS! have a blessed day dear people! If my love is this deep MY GOD’S LOVE IS GREATER! and my God I love greater then most and if that is so. I CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE GOD’S LOVE! and that IS WONDERFUL GOOD NEWS! let it bless the listener today in Jesus name Amen! Sorry for yelling but when it comes to the GOODNESS of GOD! I can barely contain myself! I GET SO EXCITED TALKING ABOUT IT! I pray this be offensive to NONE, but instead let it bless us! God does not abandon people it is us who abandon God! TRUTH! that I pray set us free in Jesus name Amen! Shalom dear people!

So this was supposed to be a bible study, but turned into a moment of praise and worship! I pray God fill us with a new spirit! Blessed are those who listen from beginning to end and consider and hear! They are the ones who will be written CHILDREN OF GOD! and their names shall be written in THE WONDERFUL BOOK OF LIFE! Which is indeed the same as the lamb’s book of LIFE!

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