Retiring My King James

So I own so many bibles but I wasn’t happy with any king James I had. Most are too big. or too small and I was looking to get myself a good one to carry around. So I am retirng all my old King James Bible and this is my new treasure! This is the bible I will be reading out loud all day on Christmas to Jesus!! ❤ I can not wait for it to come! it is the last bible on my list and I thank God! I set out over two years ago with a list of bibles I wanted to own and this baby completes my collection! I think I will be content with the bibles I own for the rest of my life! thank you, God for your precious Word!

it is a blessing to own my bibles!! I have such a deep love for every one I own! I pray God I don't want to part from my bibles please let me keep them own them and treasure them as long as I live and may I have many years in earth to sit and enjoy them! In Jesus name Amen! This video is kind of long and there are others but this is the one I liked! I saw this bible in Books a million and honestly, I am waiting patiently for it to come! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!  I hope it isn't sticky like she said but if it is. it is ok! I will wear them pages in nicely! ❤ ❤ Also over the next few days i am just going to share some reviews on some bibles I do own and love! ❤ I pray this blesses any! Even if it only blesses one, even if I AM THAT ONE! 😀

3 thoughts on “Retiring My King James

    1. I will let you know I think according to the reviews I have been watching it is the official KJV, Mine has not officially come yet so I can’t confirm as with my own eyes. they have other reviews. You may enjoy this review more. according to a video i watched about how it was made. A guy literally marked his whole bible and everyone at church liked it so it was published., There is a different review. (more informative) I can’t find the video of how it was made. Think I saw that video on Christian Book store when I order mine. Tried looking for it on youtube and didn’t find it. Mine should be here by tomorrow. So I will come back and comment! 🙂

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    2. I just received my bible last night and although I have not compared the whole entire bible I did check many scriptures and they all seem to be King James Version the one that says authorized anyways! it lines up to it! and YAY! My pages weren’t all sticky either!!!

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