Hell is REAL! No rest for the wicked!

Dear people the things I say, I believe are real and honestly I feel real sorry for the ones who won’t believe and honestly I speak to your unbelief now. I prayed to God I could speak a message simple people could understand. for if people really saw the end days they would know why I prayed these things. Life is not a game. I once wrote it was a test. This lady come and said I was a lair. She said that is not scripture? I said yes it is My friends scripture tells us the Lord test and tries each of us, so how am I twisting scriptures?

I pray many people understand just because somebody does not speak as you do, does not mean they are false. perhaps they know something you don’t, or ask questions instead of assume.

So why do people believe in hauntings? Why do some people sound possessed my friends? Does any ever notice most who speak of the devil don’t speak good things when it comes to God? why are the spirits always angry? why are they always trying to take over living bodies? Why are they tormenting people?

Dear people there is no rest for the wicked. the reason they haunt the living is because they know where they are now. and they wish they could escape death. They wish they could come back and do it again and others say if I died and am in hell I will take others with me. because why? because evil IS NOT GOOD!

The hell people believe exist has not yet come yet. it will become when this earth is destroyed with fire, and that will become when the people no longer want God. God will take the Holy Spirit from planet earth and in seven years the world will die after. and not one man remaining will go to heaven and even if you die your eyes will be wide open to your permanent home and there will be no more GOD to hear your prayers.

Some people sell their souls and I know it is FACT they don’t know their master if they did THEY WOULDN’T SELL THEIR SOULS! and that is truth beloveds this is what God told me. Does it sound like a lie to you dear people?

the earth will burn for eternity, and that is like an eon to people. it is everlasting though but the world will only burn for a year, (God’s year) then God will transform it all again and the evil spirits that are here will be the darkness that was when God makes the new world. Again these are the thing God told me there is no rest for the wicked. they burn forever and when they are not on fire they walk in darkness never being able to cross back over to LIGHT!

Either way this is the TRUTH of the Gospel men try to hide or don’t know or never come to the fullness of God. I pray many of us seek God so we may be born again because indeed my friends there is no rest for the wicked. They don’t die, they live to die over and over and their souls are tormented even out of they grave they never find peace.

I pray many consider these words for they are real as they are written ,as you can read them they are true! Either way no man chooses hell blindly they do it with their deeds, with their actions, when their own hearts turn wicked and they harden their hearts. anytime they want to change, God is always listening my friends. So I pray if these words seem true perhaps we should all try and work out our own relations with God and if you do you do and if you don’t, either way, I am praying for every soul on planet earth. I know not if my prayers be heard, neither do I know who is wicked, what you are doing, the sin you do, but God does, and GOD came to DELIVER US FROM THEM! Only one wants to condemn you in hell friends and those are the ones who say God says we can sin and they are NOT RIGHT WITH GOD!

I pray these words bless the listener! Follow Jesus my friends. be united in JESUS! Shalom!! So does it sound like am lying? Do these words sound false to you? please consider such things. have a blessed day beloveds! Written by Michelle Stokes

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