Bible review Inspire Bible!

I bought this bible and I am not sure how I feel about coloring in your bible. but I did not own NLT and I can say I think this is quickly moving up to one of my favorite translations so far!   I just share this. This was my Christmas present this year. I don’t usually celebrate but I did purchase 4 bibles this year! a true blessing! Thank you God! . I may never color in this bible but I spoke of it in my bible journaling video I did! I pray it blesses someone out there and if not it did bless me!! and I am happy to share this!  I am also going to share some other reviews on bibles I think are so worthy of noting!! I use to be a King James only woman now I am so thankful I own many versions! I love each and every one of them!! But this is quickly becoming one of my most favorite versions! I am cheap and bought the white one! I spoke about that in a few videos on my page! I pray this blesses anyone as it has for me! How I do MY Bible Journaling. there were shorter videos about this bible I just enjoyed this one! ❤

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