I pray GOD, yes GOD perform mighty miracles in your life. I pray GOD make the Holy Spirit known to the reader.  it is great to have others put their hands on you and receive blessings but in this house, I will speak start praying for yourself. sit with elders like me. I may not be perfect, I could be but I doubt it. My understanding is ONLY JESUS IS PERFECT! Only GOD is perfect and we dirty people aim for perfection.

Sorry not to call us dirty people but I think it wise we all consider ourself lowly when it comes to God. you can lift your self up and say I am this and I am that but best to hang out here on the ground and say God I pray shine your Light to me. God forbid I look up when I am to see down and vice versa

Guide my feet. Guide my path. Guide my thoughts, guide everything I do God!! because there is no Light on earth but YOU GOD and I need your help. The bible says there is safety in the multitude of counselors. there is power in numbers. there is also power in one. it is wise sometimes when you are learning to sit with others learned. it is also wise to read the Word alone. growth depends on God and the person but indeed input produces output. Hebrews 11:6, Romans 10:17

iron sharpens iron I myself like to go straight to the Blacksmith. So many years after witnessing God, I spent so many hours listening to sermons, reading the Word, watching other teachers, and preachers. Although I confess I am at the point it is hard for me to receive wisdom from too many other than God. not because I am above any but because I am not a baby in Christ any longer.

and when you first come to God it is just good to grow in God! I myself will not perform one miracle. unlesss God performs a miracle by my words. I am not speaking anything into anybody’s life but I will say read your bible. and pray before reading. just start praying. try working out 15 minutes a day in scriptures for a least a month and then next month add 15 minutes more. (it is ok to do more if you feeling lead to, but not less) if you miss a day don’t say oh well pick your bible up. try and do it in the morning make it a habit like brushing your teeth if you have to. but get it done! 🙂 Change your music change the things you do, pray for strength. pray daily. Inhale, breathe and live Ephesians chapter 6.

Sharpen your Sword!  and get dressed running around naked is a good way to get sick! I pray these words bless somebody today in Jesus name Amen! Also for those who are interested once a week I will be doing my own version of bible studies. I will soon pick a day, but I think I already settled on Tuesday.

Either way I pray these words bless even one, even if I am that one! Have a blessed day dear people. praying these words are a helpmate to someone today, have a lovely wonderful day!

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