Let this LIGHT Shine!

I wrote this as a comment but God forbid I hide the Light under a bushel or keep it hidden! So with that said I share this in public and pray it blesses a great nation of people and many be washed clean in Jesus name Amen! Have a blessed day dear people!  I love you guys! God’s love is greater then mine I tell you! and that is WONDERFUL TRUTH BELOVEDS!

If you want to be born again it will come to pass. God bless your heart and it will happen! In order to be born again, we sit with Jesus let His Word cleanse us. pay attention, spend time with Jesus and you will be washed clean. it happens in a twinkling of an eye you are delivered. Your mind is changed it comes by being a doer, seeking with your heart just start seeking God little one and the LORD will bless your heart! Open your bible. start praying spending time with Jesus. I challenge you to put the Word in you fifteen minutes a day and say prayers. Ask God to open your heart and change your mind and indeed it will happen! Have a blessed Wonderful day and I am celebrating for all those God is saving!

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