I pray GOD, yes GOD perform mighty miracles in your life. I pray GOD make the Holy Spirit known to the reader.  it is great to have others put their hands on you and receive blessings but in this house, I will speak start praying for yourself. sit with elders like me. I may not be perfect, I could be but I doubt it. My understanding is ONLY JESUS IS PERFECT! Only GOD is perfect and we dirty people aim for perfection.

Sorry not to call us dirty people but I think it wise we all consider ourself lowly when it comes to God. you can lift your self up and say I am this and I am that but best to hang out here on the ground and say God I pray shine your Light to me. God forbid I look up when I am to see down and vice versa

Guide my feet. Guide my path. Guide my thoughts, guide everything I do God!! because there is no Light on earth but YOU GOD and I need your help. The bible says there is safety in the multitude of counselors. there is power in numbers. there is also power in one. it is wise sometimes when you are learning to sit with others learned. it is also wise to read the Word alone. growth depends on God and the person but indeed input produces output. Hebrews 11:6, Romans 10:17

iron sharpens iron I myself like to go straight to the Blacksmith. So many years after witnessing God, I spent so many hours listening to sermons, reading the Word, watching other teachers, and preachers. Although I confess I am at the point it is hard for me to receive wisdom from too many other than God. not because I am above any but because I am not a baby in Christ any longer.

and when you first come to God it is just good to grow in God! I myself will not perform one miracle. unlesss God performs a miracle by my words. I am not speaking anything into anybody’s life but I will say read your bible. and pray before reading. just start praying. try working out 15 minutes a day in scriptures for a least a month and then next month add 15 minutes more. (it is ok to do more if you feeling lead to, but not less) if you miss a day don’t say oh well pick your bible up. try and do it in the morning make it a habit like brushing your teeth if you have to. but get it done! 🙂 Change your music change the things you do, pray for strength. pray daily. Inhale, breathe and live Ephesians chapter 6.

Sharpen your Sword!  and get dressed running around naked is a good way to get sick! I pray these words bless somebody today in Jesus name Amen! Also for those who are interested once a week I will be doing my own version of bible studies. I will soon pick a day, but I think I already settled on Tuesday.

Either way I pray these words bless even one, even if I am that one! Have a blessed day dear people. praying these words are a helpmate to someone today, have a lovely wonderful day!

To God I apologize!

Praise the Lord dear people! So I come on today to just give God thanks. So recently I encounter strange things on facebook and honestly, I am not going to discuss all those things in public. How some people wish to run their site is not for me to say. But in my heart I said God you see the way they keep shutting me down. How I am sticking to my page and that pages that are suppose to be about God and now all of sudden, I am shut down for sharing scriptures in a God group. So I said Lord forgvie me for the way I acted in public but honestly God if they are going to shut me down let it be for a noble cause.

So I confess I went to a group last night (which I was already in) that said. I am not ashamed of Jesus. I must of sifted through about 1,000 post and it was the saddest thing I ever seen. There was not one post with scripture. there were so many type Amen blessing post. there was no prayer. No word. and so many false images of Jesus. I kept looking for even one post that had some Word on it

So I said what? I AM NOT ASHAMED OF JESUS! But My GOD truly you must be ashamed of this. So I spoke that in the group. I am Not ashamed to call out truth! so then for the next hour, I did post about ten or so maybe less or more, who cares I dare not put a number when it comes TO THE WORD! So I shared verse after verse of scriptures. I said God, now if they shut me down I feel there was purpose and meaning. So This morning I was not shut down and I said OH GOD THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY TO FEED YOUR PEOPLE YOUR WORD!!

So I confess, I did go to this same very group again and I did share about 7 more post with all WORD. Then again, later on, I was still standing. so I shared like about 4 more post I think. This time facebook took down my post. and I am not offended or bothered for the scriptures say BE ASHAMED OF ME AND I WILL SAY I NEVER KNEW YOU MY FRIENDS! Either way the Word says confess your sins, so I openly apologize. it was wrong to spam that group like that. But since I have been shut down for less, when I wasn’t even spamming in the past, I said God I am sorry two wrongs don’t make a right. and to GOD I said punish me God if I have wrong you please God punish me!

If God punishes the ones who feed us scripture, then what happens to those who don’t? Please forgive me God if I have done wrong by you because I am truly trying to stand blameless before God. I know not what others are doing my eyes are on JESUS!

I confess I did share this scripture, among others. I shared Ephesians chapter 6, Hebrews Chapter 4:12. John Chapter 1, John Chapter 3. John 10:6-10, Psalms 119:11 and quite a few others. If the blind lead the blind they both shall fall in a ditch. Many Lights are dim because they have no fuel in their Lamps.  If the Word is a Lamp unto our feet and people are not shining that Light (theWord) so they can see they are in the ditch my friends.

I wrote this post to be judged! call me whatever you want. But Good Lord the day I go in a group labeled “not ashamed of Jesus” and see not one post with scripture TO ME THAT IS A SHAMEFUL THING!  Also honestly I love people more then that. THE WORD HEALS AND I BELIEVE THAT! and since JESUS is the WORD in the flesh I highly think it wise people read it. I mean what the world does is ok that is what they want. but seriously to stand in a Jesus group that looks that way? God who am I to judge but in my heart I said to myself this is wrong. am I wrong God?? and if so I apologize but if not please help them post Word in that group. wash away their sin and their pride and whatever keeps them from the truth! set them free Jesus! help us God.

God calls us out of sin dear people, and if many just sat with God they would see why the devil keeps people away from reading the Word. May God add unto God daily! Multiply your fruit all through the land.  in Jesus name Amen! Victory is already won!  I DECLARE AND DECREE IT AND IT SHALL COME TO PASS! You can’t hide the Word dear people! and GOD will come and prove this to people!

True and False Disciples

Matthew 7:21-23 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ 23 Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

Let this LIGHT Shine!

I wrote this as a comment but God forbid I hide the Light under a bushel or keep it hidden! So with that said I share this in public and pray it blesses a great nation of people and many be washed clean in Jesus name Amen! Have a blessed day dear people!  I love you guys! God’s love is greater then mine I tell you! and that is WONDERFUL TRUTH BELOVEDS!

If you want to be born again it will come to pass. God bless your heart and it will happen! In order to be born again, we sit with Jesus let His Word cleanse us. pay attention, spend time with Jesus and you will be washed clean. it happens in a twinkling of an eye you are delivered. Your mind is changed it comes by being a doer, seeking with your heart just start seeking God little one and the LORD will bless your heart! Open your bible. start praying spending time with Jesus. I challenge you to put the Word in you fifteen minutes a day and say prayers. Ask God to open your heart and change your mind and indeed it will happen! Have a blessed Wonderful day and I am celebrating for all those God is saving!

It shall come to pass

I got baptized before I knew what it meant and now I know I would still get baptized. I wrote how I felt about it in this post if any care to go read it that was a clickable link. I wrote this for GOD and people. be blessed dear ones! Bless are those who consider and listen. Seek the LORD wholly dear people and WHOLE you will be made! the truth that sets us free that the enemy tries to walk all over. But as I said in my facebook post, (another clickable link) the battle IS ALREADY WON! and I myself AM PRAISING GOD FOR THE VICTORY!!! because I don’t know what your guy’s gods do ,

BUT I KNOW THE POWER OF MY GOD!  For MY GOD IS THE ONLY POWER IN EARTH! I don’t even have to lift my hands AND GOD WILL ANSWER THESE PRAYERS, By the hands of GOD dear people it will come, not by one finger will I lift, but my whole body is lifted up to GOD in prayer, AND PRAISE AND THANKSGIVING! WHAT A WONDERFUL GOD I SERVE! I am dancing with GOD the heavens are rejoicing I TELL YOU! for GOD does know the number of how many will return for THE NUMBER WAS ALWAYS GOD’S! Man! again that is so worthy of giving GOD praise! If they only knew THEY WOULD ALL CELEBRATE AND THAT IS TRUTH!

Dear God. I pray to you and you alone. I pray this be the year many get baptized with the Holy Ghost and the Holy Spirit. Even though I know they are ONE, I say this prayer not for me but for any that may come to it. For I do know I do not have to type this prayer out. Prayers go out every day without people seeing them or hearing them. That is just so amazing how God can hear so many prayers from so many. They don’t have to say them out loud. They don’t have to hide in their closet. they can just think them all day long and it will come to pass. because God knows our thoughts my friends.

God knows every deed, every thought, Every single thing EVERYONE on planet earth is doing ALL AT ONCE! MAN, THAT IS SO AMAZING! When you start thinking about it! This will be the year God comes and reigns with the people. and I don’t mean the god people can see, nor do I mean a year in people terms. and it will come to pass. and God will fill them with cloven tongue and they will walk in NEWNESS! and it is going to be the biggest blessing on planet earth ANY HAVE EVER SEEN AND THIS IS A TRUTH I TELL YOU!

Dear God let not one person’s doubt in planet earth block my prayers from being heard, for it only takes the faith of ONE and even if they don’t believe I BELIEVE I DO!! GOD!

God is going to save a great multitude of people. it is already done. I wrote about it ten years ago and if people aren’t sleeping you can see it has been happening. Only God’s time is not people’s and just because they did not believe, did not mean I didn’t! I pray instead of people looking at the darkside. look how many been being saved by Jesus. Go look up testimony dear people. I myself would not want to miss my blessing from God. I pray this message bless someone today!