The Art of Exercise!

The Art of exercise! #TeamNoShame! I don’t know is this something to be shamed about? You tell me. I am thinking I should be shamed but yet I don’t think I am. Can the audience tell me shame or not? I kind of wrote this in humor but being serious at the same time. I pray this video blesses someone today.

Even if it doesn’t God please help it bless me because LORD knows I need it! and man I don’t think there is shaming in saying I need help, or I want to learn. I think the shame is never trying to get help. But what do I know. You guys can tell me! Have a blessed lovely day dear people! feel free to judge me! I pray it inspire me!, Even others!

This was created in humor and truth! Real Talk! I made mention of Busy Bodies-Idle handsInput produces Output

How I do MY Bible Journaling

This is a video I said I would write about and explain I I drew this picture (click link for further understanding). part of the original link is broken but it should be fixed sometime today. There is like about 4 links all attached to this I will update this later. So if this may interest you. You may want to bookmark this page and come back to it later.

I do pray this bring any of us to something constructive. You don’t have to be like me but hey if the idea sounds good. I follow  this lady’s idea. Although I did not use all her ideas I did like part of it. Bible Journaling (clickable link). Even if you don’t bible journal I do pray God help us many of us establish a new pattern! God bless everyone and I pray you are having a SUPERNATURAL DAY!