Dear Saints

Dear saints. I have a Word from God I speak and I pray you can hear it. So many of you have been jealous of my backsliding Daughter and my prodigal Son I have sent into your buildings. I have lifted them up. I have blessed their heads and even their hands. It is I who did these things! Did you believe I could do it for you and not others? and if I did it for you would I not do it for others?

Dear Saints, to those who say they are called to judge and those who prayed all them years. Dear people now is not the season for jealously. IT IS THE SEASON TO PRAISE! My God how many of you have prayed that us back sliders be saved? How many of you prayed That we hear God and repent and yet when we do you get jealous when you see them speaking? Now my dear people who am I to judge any, but in my mind that doesn’t sound right. So excuse me if I CELEBRATE WITH YOU AND FOR YOU! HOW WONDERFUL GOD IS TO HEAR PRAYERS!!!

BLESSED BE GOD! THANK YOU JESUS! God is indeed GOD over people and as always no love no God. You can read the bible from beginning to end and end to beginning and I pray people’s eyes be open! HAVE A WONDERFUL BLESSED DAY! I am logging off to go praise God I been thinking abut how good God is to, to sooo many people. I think I just need to spend some time thanking God!

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