If a man’s eye is tainted, then so is his whole member. input produces output. a new birth a transformation! What man pours in new things and continues in things former? Faith comes by hearing the Word and it is also believing in things invisible! I pray many feed our spirit so we can starve the flesh and die to it and let us be born again in Jesus name Amen! what a man thinks can often be wrong! Proverbs Chapter 3, Psalms 119:11! ❤ Hebrews 4:12. Ephesians Chapter 6. John Chapter 3 better to start at chapter ONE and read it like a Book or a letter for that is what it was written as! Shalom dear ones!

Dear Saints

Dear saints. I have a Word from God I speak and I pray you can hear it. So many of you have been jealous of my backsliding Daughter and my prodigal Son I have sent into your buildings. I have lifted them up. I have blessed their heads and even their hands. It is I who did these things! Did you believe I could do it for you and not others? and if I did it for you would I not do it for others?

Dear Saints, to those who say they are called to judge and those who prayed all them years. Dear people now is not the season for jealously. IT IS THE SEASON TO PRAISE! My God how many of you have prayed that us back sliders be saved? How many of you prayed That we hear God and repent and yet when we do you get jealous when you see them speaking? Now my dear people who am I to judge any, but in my mind that doesn’t sound right. So excuse me if I CELEBRATE WITH YOU AND FOR YOU! HOW WONDERFUL GOD IS TO HEAR PRAYERS!!!

BLESSED BE GOD! THANK YOU JESUS! God is indeed GOD over people and as always no love no God. You can read the bible from beginning to end and end to beginning and I pray people’s eyes be open! HAVE A WONDERFUL BLESSED DAY! I am logging off to go praise God I been thinking abut how good God is to, to sooo many people. I think I just need to spend some time thanking God!

God rejoices

It is not God that abandons people. It is people who abandon God! God is always standing there waiting for His children to return! With open arms! God rejoices over even ONE of His children returning to GOD! I tell you God sits on His throne and has a party with the angels, in fact, He sends His angels to encamp us! WHAT A WONDERFUL GOD I TELL YOU!  That is such a blessing to know!  and the WONDERFUL TRUTH! Beloveds!  I pray many run to God and not away let us not be like Adam and Eve who when they sinned they pointed blame on others and did not say sorry but instead hid themself from God as all people do when they sin! let us run to GOD not backward! Just words to consider dear people!!! I love you guys!  and I truly pray these words bless and anoint your soul and God write your name in the Lamb’s Book of LIFE. Blot out transgressions GOD and remember them not and let the former things pass away and GOD create within US A NEW BEING! For indeed GOD is able to transform any willing! have a blessed WONDERFUL DAY DEAR PEOPLE! 

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV

Ameen! No matter what you done Isaiah Chapter 61!! nothing can change God’s love so come as you are! ❤ what a beautiful song! ❤

Somebody Testify!

I pray many can get past the sound of my voice, get past the images and hear the words. The whole video is not me singing, it is a powerful message I pray somebody’s ears are open and they are able to receive them and even if not God open the ears of your people! in Jesus name Amen! May someone listen from beginning to end and I pray God bless the listner as God has blessed me. This is not an act our show, this is me.  if it was I probably would of dressed up. This is who I am daily. and nobody on planet earth will change me!  I pray instead these words change somebody today! I love you guys. Blessed are those who listener from beginning to end and let’s be followers of Michelle, and by that I mean do as I do. Bowing to Michelle won’t have much of an effect, but I tell you bow to God like I do and your actions then will have an effect.  I more then believe YOU WILL SEE MIRACLES IN YOUR LIFE! This is me, dear people. and you don’t have to like me, or follow me, or hear me ,and I will still me regardless!

Michelle Stokes is feeling blessed.