Filthy language-My Tongue! oooo weeeee!

There are so many sins besides worrying about filthy mouths. I myself have been praying for years God help me control my tongue. Years ago many people spoke. cussing made you look uneducated and only lowly people used filthy language. I haven’t seen that speech for years. I truly pray God clean up way more then our speeches, but honestly, I thought I spoke like a filthy sailor. Then I started listening to this generation. Something is truly wrong if you can speak 30 sentences straight and say over 500 words and only 4 words were logic and the others were cusses.

My God, I pray God help you broaden your vocabulary. Because indeed as a person who cussed and still sometimes one may slip out, I tell you when I say I am so undereducated and this comes from someone with not a lot of learning. if I think it looks sad, I tell you it must be truth it is sad. I do not want to judge any for their grammar or their speech as I know my speech is far from perfect. I would try and walk by example. Plus there is so much greater sin then cursing my friends and before we look at our speeches, I pray God have us examine our hearts instead.

So lately, I said to my self. man sometimes I feel like cuss words just really describe somethings perfect, but again I myself want to lead by example. So I found myself thinking of clever things I can use instead of cussing. and I don’t mean like saying mfing. and saying effff you instead of saying the f word is still saying it. That is just what I believe. I myself just don’t want to use any part of those words. So I started thinking. I should say, “oh you dirty birdie.” Like the lady in the movie misery. then I started laughing and thought “wow then they would really think I was one of them crazy Christian believers.” (you know. the ones they make those movies about)

Sorry, it made me laugh. My daughter use to say son of a Peter Murphy instead of cuss. that made me crack up! Who is Peter Murphy I said? She said some guy I made up so I wouldn’t cuss. I thought that was classic! So I was in the kitchen and I was trying to come up with clever sayings and out came your a dirty lion! (Try saying it out loud in fake anger. with a straight face Ohhhh you’re nothing but a dirty lion! RAWRRRRR!) ūüėÄ Hahaha! it made me laugh!! because what lion is dirty? Don’t all cats cleanse themselves?

Either way, this was a random conversation I had to myself and with my kid. I share it praying it blesses someone today and give you a laugh, for smiles are priceless, and laughs make you feel good my friends!!! or they sure do me!  anyways feel free to laugh at me! have a blessed wonderful day dear people! Love you guys! This was written in humor and prayerfully food for thought! Shalom!

Inspired by, James 3:10 in my open I think Proverbs added to our speech can’t hurt anybody. truly I do believe only fools despise wisdom but the Word says call no man a fool. I agree. I don’t believe in fools I only believe people aren’t taught any better or they don’t know the truth of the matter. But please God help me! I myself don’t want to cuss in my life again. help me be slow to anger in fact please God help me not anger anymore. I said that prayer over a decade ago, and a few years back I did show just a tiny bit of my old self.

I have already repented for that and honestly, I can not live in the past but truth be told God does know they way God alone has tamed my tongue. My God you couldn’t even imagine. I had so much anger in my heart once. I admit it was wrong and I am thankful I can come to God with my wrongdoings and asked God to take it away from me and honestly God has been able to perform things I can’t. That is why I love God so much man!


More of God less of me. Too much Michelle gets me in trouble. I submit my will to you God. Sometiimes it is soooooooooooooooooo hard to humble! I would rather ROAR LIKE A LION! Who wants to be a Lamb! I am not JESUS! Oh God help me  LORD!!! YOU SEE WHAT THEY DOING? HOLD ME BACK GOD! HOLD ME BACK JESUS! Lord oooooooooooooo weeeeeeeeeeee  IF PEOPLE KNEW THE PRAYERS I SAID IN MY HEAD ALL DAY LONG IN ABLE TO BE HUMBLE!!!


Lord Jesus I could be like everyone else. I know I was once. Please God no matter what anybody does to me in planet earth I pray give me so much strength to not be them. If they beat me. if they rob me if they steal everything I own God, help me forgive them all. man God I am tired. You know what here it is almost 43 years and I am still standing and like so many years ago I thought they would change me.


You know how hard it is to be good when you use to be bad? My God I wanted to go back to my old ways soooooooooooo bad it was soooooooooooooo easy to be evil. It came with no thought. But I made God promises.¬† they think throwing first punches is hard?? THAT CAME EASY! I tell you the hardest thing I ever done was walk away. Go ahead. let your pride go. let them call you every name in the book. Don’t say a word. Let them push you, no matter what they do you keep going. I was shaking so bad I felt the venom come to my neck I want to swing so bad I said.

BUT I DIDN’T! Oh My God I won! I was being tempted! I overcame! I kept going I did not return the blows. I kept humbling myself in prayer to God. I could sell drugs that was easy. I could steal. I was good at it. all that stuff I did and I tell you when I first made the decision to come to God it was the hardest thing I ever done.

I didn’t have a holy life. I made a lot of friends that weren’t good. The stories I write seems like I lived a 100 years, like I had so many lives, and before I was even thirty I saw so many things I could of spent the rest of my life writing stories from the things that happened before I was thirty. and now I am in my forties and so many books I can add to that.

I never understsood my life. I was always like why God? When I was twelve God told me I would write for God. I never understood it. Now I can see so clear. I been able to witness to soooooooooooooo many people all my years and it is because of my life, I am able to do this. There is not many things that have not happened to me and through it all I am just really happy I am able to thank God through it all.

it’s not a competition. Sometimes bad things happen to people. Because they survive, and yes it hurts and they recover, then they speak their stories and it becomes life to others. God is something people can not understand and every single thing in planet earth all gets used for God’s GOOD. Even if it looks bad to the human eye. God sees people as a whole but also as one and both at the same time.

Sometimes God will let one suffer for millions. other times many suffer for many other, and I am not saying I understand God but this is something God did indeed show me in a vision and it gave me great understanding and I do speak it praying it help people understand God a bit more. I do not say I am God or I know what God thinks but I do know the things God spoke to me and I will speak them. I do pray in some way they help many find God.

Also I am sorry for all the things people think God does to them. Like let their children be taken away or bad things come to people. because of free will. not everything in planet earth is good. that is why God leaves instructions. Even if you follow God’s Word that does not instantly protect you from harm but I tell you it is a great comfort to have God’s Word in you in your times of trouble. helps the storms be still! or it sure does seem to be with me anyways! Also a hard pill to swallow… every one person on planet earth will pass away, we just don’t know the hour, the place or how my friends. Not one second is promised to any in life, and that is just how life is designed. Not everyone thing will make sense to us people because honestly, we are unable to comprehend it. That is why we are not god. if we were we would have an understanding. I like Proverbs 3, my friends. Just being honest.

God is not all dreary. God really is LIFE in more ways then people know and not even that, the love of God is truly beyond human-comprehension.  To love some body is to set them free. When your children are grown you have to let them learn. You have to pray you taught them well. but nobody can force a forty year old man or woman to do anything. That is God my friends. God does not force our hands.  God loves us enough to let us do what we want.

The reasons parents nag at you and make you do things you hate at an early age is because it prepares you for life. Many should think of the Bible that way and Run into the Arms of our Parents. only think of God as ONE! Our Father!

I know this was suppose to be about languages and mouths and what not or so people probably thought. but if you made it all the way to the end I do pray God bless you my friend. Have a blessed wonderful day dear people! Written by Michelle Stokes!


3 thoughts on “Filthy language-My Tongue! oooo weeeee!

  1. I need God’s help to control my tongue. For a very small organ it is wicked. Life and death is in the tongue. I have family members who take the Lord’s name in vain regularly. Even my wife has this problem and it makes me cringe and I tell her to please stop. I believe it can delay God’s blessings in our marriage/home life. She is sorry afterwards. Sometimes when I get really mad I say: “malefactor!” I still need to work on it.

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    1. God bless you, your heart and your words and even our tongues dear God! I pray for all of us even me. help us be slow to anger God. slow to speak full of mercy as you are to us God let your will reign in us in Jesus name Amen! God bless you and your wife and everything you touch! have a blessed day and thank you for sharing your words! Indeed the tongue has power of life and death it can be used as a weapon or a life jacket. Who can tame the tongue? I believe only God can! ‚̧


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