Who am I?

This is a true story. One time I was at a church and this woman fell down to her feet and said you are God. I will confess. I thought it kind of embarrassing. She did it in front of the whole church. I said woman rise up what are you doing? I am not God. She said ok, ok You are an angel then i don’t care what anyone says by this woman’s prayers my family member was healed. I said if that is true then let us praise God and I helped her up.

This was not a blessing I thought. For after that my goodness there was so much jealously in the church. People starting gossiping and talking about me. Needless to say I fled that church. and now that time has pass this is what I wish I had did. I wish I had said woman I am not God and honestly if God heard my prayers and your family member is saved. Oh my goodness. Move over let me get on my knees, NO LET ME FALL FACE FORWARD! God who I am that you would answer my prayers? Who am I that someone should bow to me? let’s thank God together! THANK GOD THAT GOD IS ABLE TO USE SOMEONE LIKE ME! Thank you GOD for hearing prayers! God I don’t understand. I would never use someone like me. I am lower then dirt. Who am I that people should bow to me? Don’t be greedy move over let me get on my knees and thank God with you!

Thank you God for being able to cleanse wretched people. To be able to lift them up. God I fully confess I do thank you for words of encouragement and people you send to up lift me but if I not give you thanks with them, Who am I that you should hear my prayers?

God is so Holy. God’s love is something until this day I can’t comprehend. I would not use me. I would of left me. I would of walked away. I would of gave up on myself but some reason God never gave up on me! My God if people even knew the meaning of this they would fall on their knees like me! and with me. Man if God can have people calling someone like me an angel, a prophet an apostle, I mean I have been called every religious name under the sun and my God before I used to be called every cuss word in the book. WOW! If I didn’t see it with my own eyes and live it I honestly would not believe it!

20 years ago if anyone told me I would be used by God. if you would of spoke even one thing I seen in the last decade about my life. I would died laughing. Seriously. Thank you God for not ever having anyone prophecy over my life. God told me a long time God would use me. Man I seen it AND STILL DON’T BELIEVE!!

Sorry dear people. this letter was only written to give God thanks and that is truth man! IF PEOPLE ONLY KNEW!

I pray many seek God wholly because honestly if you knew the full story of this you would be instantly converted. and I do believe that to be truth. people are dirty. we are incomplete without God and God did not come to break us, but make us whole. Those who are not sick are truly in no need of a physician!

Sin is the cause. Jesus is the cure! Follow Jesus! Stay blessed dear people! With arms wide ope,n flat on the floor, open mouth, a surrendered heart! Here I am GOD! I am yours use me! I once was wounded. NOW I AM HEALED! I was was fallen Now I stand! I was was tossed in shaky land now my feet are firmly planted.

I am singing a new tune! THANK YOU JESUS! ❤

Who am I? who are you? are you who I was? You can be me too! God we are unworthy who are we that you should cleanse us up. We are sinners God! help us lift up our countenances to you LORD! For your glory, honor, zeal, will and joy be filled! WE LOVE YOU GOD! #GoTeamJESUS!

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