Wash me clean

Dear God. I am a sinner. I pray for your forgiveness. Though my sins be many. I can not number them. They are red like a river flowing with blood. My days are filled with iniquity. My heart is troubled. I am saddened. I can not stand on my own feet. I need your Holy Spirit to guide me. To lift me up. I am lower then dirt. I sunk in the mud, I turned to dirt, then sand, and ashes, I am scattered all over. I am broken God. I have no strength to rise up. I need your strength I need your Comforter God.

In the morning I shall rise! I shall sing! I shall give the Lord my praises! I will smile and say Thank you God for a new day and a new opportunity to bless you, Lord. Write your Word in my heart. let me keep it hidden! I will seek you in my hidden chambers where no man on earth can see me, and even if they catch me I will not apologize. I will say thank you God! I am so thankful I am alive and able to give you praises. On my knees I crawled. it was dark. I was alone. My thoughts were twisted. notice the past tense with the dark thoughts!

My heart was hardened, filled with sorrow. I hated the day I was born. I cursed it! I despised it. Why God? why? I sunk to the ground. I fell face forward. Who am I God that you should hear my words? I cried. I know God would not hear me. Why would God hear a nobody like me? I cried harder. I was so tired. exhausted. I fell to the floor. I was wounded. Nobody on earth could save me.

What is that? Who spoke to me? What does that mean? I am the one who gives life? What is life? This is not life. this is death. I am cursed. Everything I touch is cursed. Everything I do shatters.
Arise you say? I can’t.

I am fallen down, what would be the purpose of standing? I will teach you things! Yeah sure you will. I laughed. I mocked God. I must be crazy.

I keep hearing a voice. it is helping me. it is giving me life. it is speaking things that come to pass. What? is God helping me? is God hearing me? No! I must be crazy. No way in earth God would hear me.

Man I tell you the second paragraph is how I feel now The others are how I felt years ago. I do not doubt God anymore! THANK GOD! I seen God too many years in my life to doubt anymore. and since then I have read my Word and I tell you when I say I heard the Word before I read it, and I wrote it before I read it. and honestly, Thank God for that because God took away all doubt. God wants us to live dear people and it is true! sin causes death.

Everything dies in earth only our souls live. and honestly this I know if people really saw hell. if you really knew what hell was nobody, not one single person on earth would pick hell and not even for billions of dollars. the ones who do they don’t know what hell is and that is is truth! because nobody can even withstand hell on earth and if we can not stand through the suffering of our own sin and the sins of others, my God. How does any think they can handle hell? my friends, I do not know, but I tell you the reason I speak of hell is because I believe.

I seen God. I seen good. I seen evil. I seen what sin does on this planet and after and we do not want any part of death. I pray many find Jesus, that ways our souls will rest with JESUS! P.S. Jesus did die for us to cover that river of sins, I SPOKE OF IN THE BEGINNING. One Blood takes away our blood (the blood of our sins) and that is truth. I pray many of us get washed in the river. confess your sins run deep and Know God forgives us and washes us clean! and to be clean is to be new AND THAT IS WONDERFUL GOOD NEWS!

The former thoughts have passed away, and all I can do is worship God and truth be told there is no place I would rather be. and since I been many places, this I AM CERTAIN! ❤ all thanks and praises to JESUS! I pray many of us dirty people get washed clean. it truly is a blessed thing. This is why I speak of it continuously, because I truly do believe it is the best thing in planet earth to be renewed and remade by GOD! and I am thankful to be alive to speak this WONDERFUL GOOD NEWS! the GOOD NEWS of God! better then any riches and given for free by sitting at the LORD’s feet! Man that truly does make you feel like dancing! *High fives David!* Indeed God turns your weeping into dancing! let us dance with GOD!

This post is only written so people like the former me be washed clean! Shalom dear people! and I love you guys and my love is nothing compared to the love of God! I can’t even explain God’s love man! it is beyond my understanding! ❤

This post was inspired by Jesus, my life and the Book of Isaiah!

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