Bless the Reader

Dear God I pray bless every reader that comes to this post. Bless their houses, bless their minds, bless their hearts, minds, souls and spirits. God if anyone out there is suffering addictions if they are ill, if they are homeless, if they suffer sadness. if they are contemplating ending their life. if they have no job, no hope, no anything God I believe you can make a valley of dead bones live. I know that pretty much everything I listed, I once suffered from and God healed me my friends, and I believe if God can do it for me God can do it for any willing.

I confess I had to humble myself. I had to break down. Oceans of tears I cried, on my knees to God. I cried out to God. I searched for God. I sat with God and God healed me my friends. it is like the scriptures said. but then I can see I am humble. And perhaps that is why my prayers were heard. I pray God bless us all with a humble spirit because honestly, I speak of God for many reasons. One is because I know what will come if we do not repent. But more so then that. I found a healing I never had.

I searched the whole world looking for happiness. I searched it in jobs, I searched in men. I searched for it family, in friends, in drugs, in gambling in doing things many do today, and the list goes on. hardly anyone knows these things for this is who I was. I had a void that nothing could fill. I was always looking for something but killing myself. I seen hell in earth and my friends I want no part of the real hell for I seen that also. I believe I saw heaven. I saw the future, I saw the past.

I care not who believes me because honestly, the only reason I speak is praying many find this healing. This healing only came when I sat with God. When I spoke to God. When I told God I was sorry. Either way I truly deeply pray God bless the reader who comes to this post.

Sin is sin and honestly, I can’t talk about any sins. I only know God delivers you. You can not keep on lying and say you don’t lie my friends. You are a thief as long as you steal. Once you quit do you still say I am a thief? Just something to consider. I truly pray for many because when I was weak I couldn’t pray for myself even now so much easier for me to pray for others. So if you are struggling with sin, with addictions with loneliness. I am praying for your complete recovery. Sorry although I do type a great portion of prayers in public I do the majority of my praying in the closet.

So please believe and know there are real people who love you in the world. and I honestly believe I am one of them. I can pray for people until I am blue but honestly, it comes a time we have to pray for ourself. and one of the first steps in praying is saying, God, I confess I am a sinner. then pray for strength to walk away from sin.

You could try and cleanse yourself up. but honestly, I would sit with God and ask God to dress you. Start reading your Word. Get to a bible preaching church it helps. pray on your own. just start taking away the world and replacing it with God. Just my advice. written for growth. have a blessed day dear people! Follow Jesus! I mean seriously sit at His feet and listen! Matthew Chapter 5 is real!

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