Being Born Again

Being born again is a new birth. it is a new mind set. it can not be faked. it is not an act or show for people. The evidence will be in your life. and not to talk bad about the Holy Ghost as some teach it but to speak gibberish without a new birth is exactly what it is. and I also do not mean by putting on a skirt, and a head covering or any outwardly appearance. not to say these things won’t come for God has a way of convicting us if God wants our dressing to change God will speak it to people.

But so many putting on skirts. Hiking up their noses and looking down on people and saying to them self and even others, thank God I am saved they say! but there is not change. There is no converts. Nobody is believing because people have eyes to see. You can’t fake God. Those who sit with God, God changes my friends. This is facts and evidence of it all around.

The Holy Spirit produces fruit. and I do not mean big crowds. I mean it produces fruit. You can see the tree growing. God changes our hearts and as our hearts are changed then yes God does call many of us to change our dressing but the purpose of this letter is We are in the season God is separating the real from the fake. and the evidence will be in our deeds, in our speech, in our thoughts and we will truly be transformed. Old things become A NEW! NOT REMAIN THE SAME!

You can not fake a rebirth from God my friends. I apologize it is impossible. but you can go to many churches and see a circus if you want to. and not to mock churches, many churches are of God but others put on shows, and others follow. For they are blinded by material things. They all want gifts without repenting. Blessings when they are cursed in sin. and because of such the god they created is the god they receive but these gods are not GOD, nor are they JESUS! For if it was you wouldn’t have to seek with cash and shows my friends the evidence would stand in you and that is truth beloveds.

Either way I pray this be the year many get reborn and I do not mean a year in men’s terms but God’s I pray God lead many to salvation, to true repentance, to a real rebirth. I pray God rebirth GOD’s people my friends. Who is that they said? ANY WHO WILL LISTEN! In Jesus name Amen!

Also new tongue will be given. You will speak scriptures. when you use to cuss you will not any longer. before you use to speak about partying drinking and all things stinking. When GOD comes into your life YOUR SPEECH CHANGES! as do all your old habits! A NEW BIRTH! and truly no man will see GOD without being born again dear people!

I pray GOD breathe a new spirit into people and may we BE BORN AGAIN, in Jesus name Amen! Create us into something new God. Fashion us into you. Change our hearts, change our minds, change the patterns we are in. Cleanse our hearts, cleanse our minds, our souls and our spirits. Help us be set free from our sin, free from our temptations. Deliver us God for indeed we are in a a land of evil and only YOU CAN SAVE US! Deliver us! have mercy on us! We are sinners who need your strength! Shine your Light in the dark GOD take off our blinders so we can see your face in Jesus name Amen!

4 thoughts on “Being Born Again

  1. Thanks for that insightful piece. I’ve been Born Again for almost a year now and I can say out loud that with the Holy Spirit in my heart, the renewal is real, the blessings I received from the Lord are abundant and I truly am moving forward with a new outlook on life while keeping faith in the Lord.

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    1. Amen! and thank you for sharing your words! A blessing! ❤ I know I don't ever want to leave God again! Happy to be changed and healed and delivered! truly is priceless! ❤ Totally in love with Jesus!


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