What are you thankful for?

In America we complain about cockroaches, in other countries they eat them, In our country rats are considered tainted in other countries they are food. We live in a generation better then many. many don’t have soap now. Think of the days before electricity. Before all technology. When you start looking at life wholly. maybe perhaps then some of can wholly praise the Lord. for many generations there was war, there was famine, there were evil leaders and even today it is in many parts of the world. There are people with no legs, no running water, no hands no parents. People being beaten and raped and murdered daily. Tomorrow is promised to no man so with that said let us give God some praises! it is a true statement when I say things can always get worst no matter how low you are always someone worst then you and that is truth beloveds. Indeed words to consider! Shalom dear people!


Today is tomorrow

I said I would do a video today and honestly I apologize that is not happening. The weather is changing and I don’t think I was able to dodge a cold this year. I have been very blessed and not gotten sick but I think it is my season for a cold. because today I awoke and I am not feeling well. So with that said I will not be doing my video today but as soon as I am feeling better!

I pray the reader’s day be blessed and God touch your heart, mind, soul and spirit, in Jesus name Amen! Also due to many people asking I did reopen facebook. I am more then certain I did not do this for me. But I do pray it blesses others and since other’s spoke to me it blesses them for them, I will keep going. although in my heart I said I am done.

Truly praying for everyone! have a blessed day dear people!