Not here to judge

I am not here to judge. I will be honest and I care not who calls me what. I have been called so many names in the past. I have been persecuted for speaking truth, hated by many for being a conscience. I have been called a saint, a hero, a life saver. I have been called God, apostle,angel, mad, crazy, insane, funny. All types of things. I been called worser names, I won’t speak and honestly I will say no matter what name I am not offended.

You can hate me and I will not return it. I love people. The last time I did something spiteful was a couple years ago and before that it had been decades. I truly repented for that last act. I made God promises. I don’t know about other people. but when I make God promises I keep them. and I told God no matter what these people do to me I will love them all. I wish I could hate people. I tried to a couple years ago. but I couldn’t. I use to be so good at hating people. but God took it away from me.

I don’t hate any and that is truth. and honestly I am so not effected by other’s words but yet lately I have been. for many have been uplifting me and honestly it is a blessing! I never wanted any thanks or recognition but the things random strangers been saying to me have just blessed my heart! I use to think tears of joy were made up. They did not exist. That was only movie stuff.

Either way I love people dearly. and I am not sure when it became that speaking life made you the bad guy. But honestly as you get older you start to see things differently. Or at least I do anyways. The things I have found in my life to be love. The ones who warn me. The ones who speak the things I did not always want to hear. Those people love me.

The truth hurts. Nobody wants to be told not to play with fire when we are adding logs to the flame. We get excited! We love our sin we say, but as soon as we get high or take a drink, all we are trying to do is forget? If our vices so fun? How fun is it to find drug money? Some people just smoking green, Don’t talk about my beloved Mary Jane. But seriously how many times you spend thirty dollars? Ten days at 30 dollars a day is all ready 300 dollars?

Yet so many people walking around broke. and as far as I can see it is all kinds of colored people doing these things. The devil doesn’t see color my friends. The devil just wants us to die. I do love the bible. I love Proverbs. I love the whole bible but honestly in my life Proverbs will get you thinking about many things, and truth be told I share a scripture and we want to become wise as the devil. Only pray we not be evil, for the devil is very cunning but as Jesus says.

Matthew 10:16 King James Version (KJV)
16 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

It is time for many of us to wake up and see why the whole bible is a Book of LIFE that tells us to flee sin, why? Sin causes death, not only that it keeps many broken and in chains to poverty. and it is time for many to look with in our own houses, and we put our eyes on God. John 8:34

Paul also does a good job of explaining things. (Really helps if you pay attention!) it does boil down to God is Holy there is no sin in God and God said not to sin for us my friends! For life unto us here on earth and after. Does any man know how many years they have on earth?

Also selling drugs is not the answer! What are you going to do when you get caught? You know how hard it is to get a job after you have a felony on your record? Just keeping it real. best to go work some where, scrub toilets if you have to. Put your heart into and pray for promotion. pray to God and ask God to make sure they see your labor. Put your heart into and you will more then likely be rewarded.

Sorry I know it is not the thing people want to hear in this generation. Either way I am truly praying for so many people. I myself am tired seeing broken people. I pray God use this message to help many broken people. Have a blessed day dear people! Also God calls us out of sin for a reason. perhaps people want to start praying to God and seeking God’s Wisdom for further understanding. Just my advice. Blessed are those who hear and God for those who don’t whether it be today, tomorrow or whenever I trust these words will not return empty or void and so with that said I just want to THANK YOU!

Deliver us from our evil, deliver us from our temptations. HOLY is Your Name! I trust in Your WORD! That You will deliver Your people! Let it be done! GOD IS HOLY AND ONLY GOD knows how to make us whole! I pray many wholly seek the LORD!

It is so much more easy to flee our sins when we flee into the Arms of GOD! Run to God and away from evil and you will do good! Wise words to any who is able to receive them! Love you Guys! Be blessed by The hands of God. Run to God not from God! Shalom dear ones! ❤

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