Busy Bodies-Idle hands

I have had a lot of enemies in my life and I am certain some may of hated me, and even now there may be some who hate me. I am unaware if they hate me. Honestly life is too busy for me to be looking at others. In fact I pray for idle hands because in my generation they taught us idle hands were not good. or of God you can say to. When people get bored many things become. Many times these things are not productive.

Tomorrow I will do a video on bible journaling. I don’t expect any to follow or even listen but honestly when I was bored I over drank. I looked for ways to entertain myself that were not good. I don’t think I am different I think many are like me. and for those who are, I pray God send you something constructive to do. and to the busy bodies in the church. You’re suppose to be different then those not in the churches. but hey I am not mad at you. it is busy bodies in every crowd, but as a church folk you’re suppose to lead by example. That’s what I thought anyways? am I wrong? hard to know what is good anymore in this world.

I sure do hate to cast judgement without telling something to counter the judgement. So instead of just saying being a busy body is wrong. So many scriptures, about women who gossip, about those who back bite, and whisper. again I am not mad at you. But perhaps instead of putting your time in everyone else’s business it is good to offer your help at a shelter, the hospital, go feed the homeless. That way instead of talking about others, others will be talking about you! and hey maybe even in a good way! You can lead by example. What a better thing to do then talk about people.

I tell you I got so turned off from church folks. Did you see what sister so and so was wearing? No I did not, what!?! how could you not? My eyes were closed. I was too busying in prayer lifting up the Lord to see what any was doing. I don’t know what you guys came to do when you go to church. But I come to church to honor God. but hey who you are, you are.

Either way I wouldn’t even say anything to you church folks because people do that out of church to. But in my mind I am like, ain’t church people suppose to be different then the world? I could be wrong but I thought I read some where……

You know I am not trying to be funny but another thing I think is many of the women in church have time to gossip and be into everybody’s business. perhaps pick up exercising. I once heard gluttony was a sin. I know I myself can use to lose some weight so instead of worry about other ladies, this lady is looking at her self. But they say, an open rebuke is better then secret love, and this was in love dear people.

If you start running them legs, be easier to stop running them mouths. A tired person doesn’t talk much. Also I do pray many get over their bored habits. Find something better then what you are doing. be productive. Spending time with God is never vain, but at the same time it is! Sometimes it is ok to be vain I think! well when it comes to spending time with God I believe anyways.

You know how is it, some can sit in church for thirty years and never bring one to church? Does their attitude match the same they put on in the church? and some if so, that speaks a great multitude because many flaunt an ugly attitude in church and watch what I tell you. Their attendance might be perfect, but in thirty years not one single person they ever brought to church? Why dear people? That is something to consider! Matthew 7:3-5,Proverbs 27:2,Matthew 7:15-20.

Fruit does not mean big crowds. it means deeds my friends. Look at the Word. Is someone who lies considered Godly? Is whispering Godly? is gossiping talked about in the Word? How do you want to be treated? idle hands in the church are one thing. What about others? A lot of people are doing a lot of things that are not good. I did not write this to pick on any persons. but seriously a certain crowd is truly suppose to act a different way then another crowd. one is suppose to know better and the other does not. but which is which? hard to tell in these days.

To the sinners and to the saved to the holy and unjust I pray many of us consider our ways and look at the things we are doing and prayerfully many of us consider our walk with God. because honestly God loves us and to be idle is just not good.

Also who is your idol and what do you bow to? What you spend the most time out of work and even some, to some work is their god. but if baseball gets 58 hours a week of your time and God gets half hour? well, who do you think your god is? I like in Daniel. Look at all that he accomplished in life and He still had time to worship His God! ❤ I pray I can be like Daniel even though I am a woman. I think that so amazing to accomplish so much and still have time to uplift God! ❤ So beautiful! ❤ I want that balance in my life! But hey that's just me! I love you guys and this whole post was written in love! ❤

I pray many of us do better then what we are doing now. Even me! God gives us all strength to do things pleasing to you and pleasing to us! in Jesus name Amen! Truly obeying God and listening is LIFE to us! the blessing on earth is investing time in God! I myself do believe that! This is food for growth!


An honest conversation. I don’t know what god these people are serving. I was a liar, I was a thief, I was a fornicator. I use to have so much hate in my heart. I was a non believer. I sinned with all the sinners. I think I was good at it. I know I was. This is not a boastful thing, I believe. it is sad. for that stuff was not happiness to me. Notice the words was and used to.

In the bible it is written all have sinned, why is that written in past tense? Everyday is a battle. as far as I know. for me it is anyways but I tell you when God delivers you it is hard to go back to former things! For God shows you the error in your way, and when you see the good and have done the evil. My friends GOD IS GREATER! Hard to go backwards when you seen the reality of God in your life.

This is how my life is but much of my life. I spent tinkling my toes in the water. I would pray for hours, I would fast. I would see miracles and never know my Creator. it was not the best life to live. but because of such I have such great faith. But honestly now I have my sword and I am fully dressed from head to toe and I hope my outfit is so shiny it be a Light for many, because I have my sword also, but what Lady wants to pick up a weapon? Not this one! To those who don’t know the Sword is the Word.

My God I am fully clothed in truth. It is my full dressing AND I LOVE IT MY FRIENDS! God’s Wisdom is the best thing on earth to me and I tell you I once heard, There was a point they might take our bibles from us. Oh My Goodness! I was feared so what did I do? I hide it in myself so I would not sin against God because God forbid they take my bible away and I am left alone naked!

THANK YOU GOD FOR FULLY DRESSING ME! For when I was an orphan naked in the wilderness, God came an adopted me and gave me clothes. God gave me water when I was thirstyyy. I was hungry and the LORD feed me and honestly that is the only blessing in earth and anything else is a curse. I know I lived that curse once! This is why I panicked and sat in my bible and thank God it is written in me and I still have my beloved bibles!!! ❤ God I pray as long as I live don't let them take our beloved Bibles from us please God even though I read my bible, I truly treasure the hand held gift you gave to us!

As a person who spent many years far from God it my honor to sit with God everyday. I thank God for hearing a wretched broken woman like me. Man I tell you guys if God answered prayers from someone like me, My God I believe God will answer any who seek earnestly. I tell You that is what I did!! I sought earnestly and God found me! Me! Little old me! THANK YOU JESUS! Man! That truly is WONDERFUL GOOD NEWS! and I am so happy to share it with any who will receive it!! because I truly believe if God answered me, God will answer any seeking! Matthew 7:7, Revelation 3:20,John 14:15-26 heaven and earth shall pass and the Words of Jesus will LIVE for the Words of Jesus are ONE, they are the same as the Words of our Father God! I pray many grow in knowledge of the Everlasting God!Luke 18:9-14

God could of ran from me. God could of looked down upon me and called me a filthy rag and I would of said as I did, God I am nobody. I know you would not hear someone like me. I am so unworthy, AND GOD HEARD ME! My GOD that is scripture being filled to a lowly woman like me!! It truly makes me feel like dancing! I see why David sing you turned my wailing into dancing! INDEED GOD DID!

Jesus did not come to heal those not in need of healing. Jesus came to heal the broken and set the captive free. Jesus cleanses us of our sin. a rebirth comes to be and it truly is a beautiful thing to partake in! ❤ I pray many get washed in the Waters, The Water is also the Word, The Word is Jesus, They are all God for none of us have ever seen God only heard God. God's voice comes to be way stronger when you sit with God. As the same as Adam and Eve heard the voice of God and Jesus spoke my sheep hear my voice!

Also only for arguments sake for if you search scripture you can find and image of God. I truly do pray many move past images and seek The Invisible God. Think Holy Spirit. Think God who said, let there be and it was! From the very beginning of the bible. God spoke. Do not eat. and the people disobeyed.

You are either children of God or you are not. and children are ones who obey. and those who do not obey will be called bastards. Not cussing at people but indeed you can find these words written. Hebrews 12 Chapter 12 KJV, To be born in the Spirit, The Spirit is truth. To be washed clean. The Word cleanses us of lies the enemy tells us. because we become aware. Something about God has a way of doing things no man in planet earth can do and it is truth! How many people speaking healing from Jesus? My friends I would be sitting with Jesus.

Luke warm is a terrible place to be. To twinkle your toes in the water. To never walk on the water. To be drowning in the water. a terrible place to be. To be in the desert and never seek water. To never receive it. That is a terrible place to be. The desert would be a terrible place in your life, and the Water would be the Word.

I don't want to judge anyone's relationship with God but I truly do pray God light a passion for God in many and may it be a consuming fire that never dims and may it spread to all the houses of your friends. I mean a spiritual fire. I mean that Holy Ghost fire! I pray God fill us with cloven tongues in our own language. May our bibles spew out our mouth. Better to spew scriptures out of our mouth then to be spit out of God's mouth just what I believe!

Revelation 3:16-18, God's Wisdom is the best Wisdom in planet earth and I myself wouldn't be caught naked without it! Just saying! I pray this message bless the reader today and may God plant a seed in us to grow into a mighty tree, a solid house planted in the Word!

What is saved? if you are saved I believe people will praise you. People will see change. yes some may hate you but others will praise you. Try not cussing around people. You don't even have to tell people you don't cuss. Many will come up to you and asked to be forgiven because they cussed in front of you. Be nice to others. Stop being nice for the wrong people. Do deeds for you and God and honestly you won't have to wonder if you are saved.

God changes us. God puts a new spirit in us. Change comes. old things pass away. God cleanses us. It is not an act, it truly is a rebirth. and yes some may hate you but honestly trust in God. Some of the very ones who mocked you for changing will be the ones your change, changes my friend!

I do pray many experience this because honestly it is a blessing that comes from sitting with God. I pray many just be doers and truly God does reward those who do my friends. If you pull the plank out of your heart do you judge? and if you do judge has God forgiven you? and if God forgives you can God not forgive others? It is a good place to be to stay humble.

I myself have been forgiven for so much and God has changed million of things in me and honestly God forbid I sit up high and say I am holy. I mean I know all the things God did for me and honestly I know I am a nobody, and I think my God, if you do these things for me and I see daily you extend mercy to others, then who am I to say who can or can not be saved? I know many years ago many called me lost, and hopeless and I am more then certain God might of got the last laugh. Because the things they said couldn't be, did happen so I don't know.

I just pray God deliver a great multitude of people and God the things you did for me please do for a great multitude of others, in Jesus name Amen! I believe you will God! I have great faith in you! Amen! Revelation 7:9:17

Not here to judge

I am not here to judge. I will be honest and I care not who calls me what. I have been called so many names in the past. I have been persecuted for speaking truth, hated by many for being a conscience. I have been called a saint, a hero, a life saver. I have been called God, apostle,angel, mad, crazy, insane, funny. All types of things. I been called worser names, I won’t speak and honestly I will say no matter what name I am not offended.

You can hate me and I will not return it. I love people. The last time I did something spiteful was a couple years ago and before that it had been decades. I truly repented for that last act. I made God promises. I don’t know about other people. but when I make God promises I keep them. and I told God no matter what these people do to me I will love them all. I wish I could hate people. I tried to a couple years ago. but I couldn’t. I use to be so good at hating people. but God took it away from me.

I don’t hate any and that is truth. and honestly I am so not effected by other’s words but yet lately I have been. for many have been uplifting me and honestly it is a blessing! I never wanted any thanks or recognition but the things random strangers been saying to me have just blessed my heart! I use to think tears of joy were made up. They did not exist. That was only movie stuff.

Either way I love people dearly. and I am not sure when it became that speaking life made you the bad guy. But honestly as you get older you start to see things differently. Or at least I do anyways. The things I have found in my life to be love. The ones who warn me. The ones who speak the things I did not always want to hear. Those people love me.

The truth hurts. Nobody wants to be told not to play with fire when we are adding logs to the flame. We get excited! We love our sin we say, but as soon as we get high or take a drink, all we are trying to do is forget? If our vices so fun? How fun is it to find drug money? Some people just smoking green, Don’t talk about my beloved Mary Jane. But seriously how many times you spend thirty dollars? Ten days at 30 dollars a day is all ready 300 dollars?

Yet so many people walking around broke. and as far as I can see it is all kinds of colored people doing these things. The devil doesn’t see color my friends. The devil just wants us to die. I do love the bible. I love Proverbs. I love the whole bible but honestly in my life Proverbs will get you thinking about many things, and truth be told I share a scripture and we want to become wise as the devil. Only pray we not be evil, for the devil is very cunning but as Jesus says.

Matthew 10:16 King James Version (KJV)
16 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

It is time for many of us to wake up and see why the whole bible is a Book of LIFE that tells us to flee sin, why? Sin causes death, not only that it keeps many broken and in chains to poverty. and it is time for many to look with in our own houses, and we put our eyes on God. John 8:34

Paul also does a good job of explaining things. (Really helps if you pay attention!) it does boil down to God is Holy there is no sin in God and God said not to sin for us my friends! For life unto us here on earth and after. Does any man know how many years they have on earth?

Also selling drugs is not the answer! What are you going to do when you get caught? You know how hard it is to get a job after you have a felony on your record? Just keeping it real. best to go work some where, scrub toilets if you have to. Put your heart into and pray for promotion. pray to God and ask God to make sure they see your labor. Put your heart into and you will more then likely be rewarded.

Sorry I know it is not the thing people want to hear in this generation. Either way I am truly praying for so many people. I myself am tired seeing broken people. I pray God use this message to help many broken people. Have a blessed day dear people! Also God calls us out of sin for a reason. perhaps people want to start praying to God and seeking God’s Wisdom for further understanding. Just my advice. Blessed are those who hear and God for those who don’t whether it be today, tomorrow or whenever I trust these words will not return empty or void and so with that said I just want to THANK YOU!

Deliver us from our evil, deliver us from our temptations. HOLY is Your Name! I trust in Your WORD! That You will deliver Your people! Let it be done! GOD IS HOLY AND ONLY GOD knows how to make us whole! I pray many wholly seek the LORD!

It is so much more easy to flee our sins when we flee into the Arms of GOD! Run to God and away from evil and you will do good! Wise words to any who is able to receive them! Love you Guys! Be blessed by The hands of God. Run to God not from God! Shalom dear ones! ❤

Monsters are real

Resharing this. As honestly, I don’t think it is something people should keep secret. It is all fun and games until it your child. or even you. Many things go on nobody wants to talk about. I pray God help us parents teach our kids. Help us be the ones to protect our kids. We all want to protect our kids from abortions but how many will be a voice for the living children? How many hungry children are there now? Are we just going to keep acting like bad things don’t happen? My friends, I tell you there is monsters in this world. and most who are molesters are not going to repent. There is a reason they are allowed to be monsters. I am not God and honestly,

I don’t think somethings are rewarded. But again I am not God so I pray many think about such things and perhaps teach our children, and if this is why facebook shut down my video, then I guess I would rather be shut down then be keeping silent, because a world full of people who will protect monsters is just truly no place I want to be. Come Lord and come quickly! Fill us with your Holy Spirit, Fill us with wisdom. Fill us with a sound mind, with clear understanding, help us be the voice for the dead. How many children this year just disappeared? How many flaunt their babies naked? I mean not offend any but as a person who was raped and molested, I will not let it happen to others if I can prevent it and I pray to God for protection because if nobody else in planet earth is going to speak God be with me as I speak it boldly. I am not ashamed of speaking truth I am ashamed if I stay silent.

Michelle Stokes

So I did a video, which I will share, but it was a bad video honestly. I had a few emotions, I was lead to some random video which is so odd, because honestly I am always suggested usually bible scriptures or messages about God, as I spoke about it in this video. Again that video was not that good. i just made reference to it because honestly the night before I made that, youtube suggested me this video. and it made me mad.

People say God loves us all and NO GOD DOES NOT LOVE ALL! For not everyone in this world is God’s There are monsters. and many monsters are being given power to grow because nobody talks about it. churches hardly even speak on sin any more, and everyone else keeps topics like this in the closet. We don’t want to speak on it. As I said…

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