Worship Music

Hello dear people! Today I just write to prayerfully inspire someone out there today!  One of the biggest movements in my life was when I put down all that worldly music. I went to Christian music, and MY GOD!! HOW WONDERFUL IT WAS!!  it was and is so WONDERFUL! I have not went back to that godawful stuff I use to listen to!

Input produces Output it is true!  I first started with the intentions I would listen 15 minutes a day that quickly turned into an hour and within a week I was listening all day. That brought me to tears. tears of happiness, tears of repentance, a change of heart. I have not looked back and I don’t want to. In fact, I wish I had done this years ago!!  When I wake out of bed, I give God thanks. I listen to worship music, as I ready myself for the day. I tell you when I say, my day isn’t right unless I do these things!!

I never want to leave God’s presence.  I found in my life, life without God is no place I want to be!! I once traveled down that road and I am so thankful God directed my feet and said My Child the narrow straight path is the WAY! Amen! it truly is!!! ❤  once you sit at God's feet for you and nobody else, Then My God!!! That is when you see the wonders of God and it truly is amazing to be a part of!  I pray this year for Christmas, God gift us with the greatest gift to men. That gift is God. to be filled with the Holy Spirit, to sit in God's Word. I even pray many get filled with the Holy Ghost and God give the reader new tongues!

And by tongues, I do not mean the gibberish the churches teach you. I mean a new tongue, a new spirit a new heart. the things that use to be bitter like reading your bible and sitting with God, God turn into a WONDERFUL DELIGHT TO YOU!  Those are my prayers, and I pray this be the season God answer them and bless God's people with a WONDERFUL NEW SPIRIT!

May God take away your bitter and turn it into better my friends in Jesus name Amen!  be blessed by God's presence, which does come from feasting with God. delight in the Word. eat it. it is our daily Manna. it is our spiritual bread. Drink it like a newborn craves breast milk from their Mother. drink it like it is H2O. For indeed the Word is the Living Water. it is also good solid meat for the navel and bones. it is everything the human condition needs to survive and this is truth beloveds!

We are indeed created by GOD and to go without our Creator is to walk around empty and void. We all search for our missing piece never understanding we miss the ONE who created us! the Holy Spirit- Invisible God is what makes us whole! Seek the Lord wholly and and whole you will be made. Tis the season to rejoice in God my friends! have a blessed wonderful day and I pray God make you WONDERFUL in Him! in Jesus name Amen! if you are tired of your outcome change your approach! can't expect something new doing the same old thing. Words to consider friends! Shalom dear people! I love you guys! ❤

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