The Gift of Discernment

The gift of discernment. King Solomon it could be said had this gift, and even some of the greatest men fall. men’s knowledge is good to know. Great to have facts.. There is a such thing as too much wisdom. if that wisdom causes you to trip, to fall, if it knocks you down what kind of wisdom is that? 1 Kings Chapter 3. So what happened to king Solomon?

Sometimes wisdom can catch people up. We fight about names, get captured in religions and traditions but in the Word of God wisdom speaks simple. Then wisdom also speaks how long will you mock knowledge? Will you run from it? The gift of discernment.

A good way to grow is first study the Word as the scripture says then you will be able to rightly divide what is true and what is not. beginning wisdom is to consider, is this good for me? will eating this knowledge cause me to die? Should I over drink? what becomes when I do? if I start this stuff, what is the outcome? is that good or evil? 2 Timothy 2:15, Hebrews 4:12

Think of God in a new way. Would the devil want me to die or live? Do you know the devil to be good? Is God good? and does good want life or death? Are the things I am doing causing death to myself? Is it causing death to others? Am I creating good fruit or bad fruit? Are my deeds good or evil?

Does God want me to sin? Does that sound Godly? I do pray many seek Jesus but more so I pray many examine their heart and compare their hearts to the scriptures. is your heart, good? is it evil? do you hate people? do you think God wants us to hate? Do you think God forgives you? if God does forgives you, can God forgive others? is God a terrible God? and if so why?

Can you argue things you don’t know? and if you do argue things you don’t know what does that make you? Either way there was a purpose in this. I pray many find it. Written as words for people to consider! have a blessed lovely day dear people!

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