My Bible Journaling

So for years I have been collecting spirals and using them, for when I read my bible. I had been considering changing the way I did things, and shared a video on my page about it. I found this lady who showed how she did hers. Although I did not use what she said at the same time it was good to watch. I don’t really know how I feel about drawing in God’s Word but I do have spirals all ready. so I decided to turn them into something else. In this page nothing in it is my own to say I did not draw these images, I did add them all and design the page.

All artwork I will be sharing is my own and originals created and designed by me. but this page in particle is my own PERSONAL journal page, I am sharing. it is not for sale, nor am I seeking profit from this picture. in fact I will shortly make a video telling everyone how I made this and where I bought things from. Either way it says Genesis, in the tab, but I am going to change this to the front page or either use 2 Samuel introductory page. I haven’t decided yet.

This is my new passion! ❤

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