Joyful Spirit

I confess I been writing, speaking, preaching the Gospel for many years now, and it is getting harder to do it. I found a great peace in God. and with knowledge comes much grief and before I was grieved for people. now it is hard to feel grief, for God took it all from me. I am so joyed and I have been for years now. I was once sad, always crying, always hurting, lost in despair. fallen in a pit. I could not dig myself out of it. I was unable to rise on my own.

I sought the Lord with my whole heart and because of such, I was made whole. I am thankful to be alive and truthfully it is hard for me to see others, because my eyes are on the prize. I don’t want to preach to any. My only desire is to sing to God constantly. I love the Lord. I don’t care to put on an act or show. I almost feel guilty for so much of the world is sad right now and I am not. but I do say when I was sad much of the world was partying and having a good old time.

I also found the power in prayer and you can preach to you are blue and be like Jeremiah and have no converts. You could do that. You can also be a pastor and lead a great many but what I found in my life to be the most effective is to pray for others, pray for leaders, pray for your neighbors, your enemies and then just rest and wait and watch God move! MAN THAT IS AMAZING!  Thankful to be a witness of God my friends and I am nobody special! I am just a nobody who sat with the Only Body who was able to complete me and make me whole and I do truly pray many come to the wholeness of the Lord. If you seek God wholly, whole you will be made, and it is true. God wipes away the tears, and takes away all things bitter and replaces it with better. and either I am special or God does this to all who seek with their heart. That is what is written in my bible friends. have a blessed wonderful day dear people! I pray God bless the reader with a new spirit.

With a sound mind, a clear conscience and fill us with a spirit that will praise, honor and worship! for indeed God is worthy my friends!

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