The Gift of Discernment

The gift of discernment. King Solomon it could be said had this gift, and even some of the greatest men fall. men’s knowledge is good to know. Great to have facts.. There is a such thing as too much wisdom. if that wisdom causes you to trip, to fall, if it knocks you down what kind of wisdom is that? 1 Kings Chapter 3. So what happened to king Solomon?

Sometimes wisdom can catch people up. We fight about names, get captured in religions and traditions but in the Word of God wisdom speaks simple. Then wisdom also speaks how long will you mock knowledge? Will you run from it? The gift of discernment.

A good way to grow is first study the Word as the scripture says then you will be able to rightly divide what is true and what is not. beginning wisdom is to consider, is this good for me? will eating this knowledge cause me to die? Should I over drink? what becomes when I do? if I start this stuff, what is the outcome? is that good or evil? 2 Timothy 2:15, Hebrews 4:12

Think of God in a new way. Would the devil want me to die or live? Do you know the devil to be good? Is God good? and does good want life or death? Are the things I am doing causing death to myself? Is it causing death to others? Am I creating good fruit or bad fruit? Are my deeds good or evil?

Does God want me to sin? Does that sound Godly? I do pray many seek Jesus but more so I pray many examine their heart and compare their hearts to the scriptures. is your heart, good? is it evil? do you hate people? do you think God wants us to hate? Do you think God forgives you? if God does forgives you, can God forgive others? is God a terrible God? and if so why?

Can you argue things you don’t know? and if you do argue things you don’t know what does that make you? Either way there was a purpose in this. I pray many find it. Written as words for people to consider! have a blessed lovely day dear people!

My Bible Journaling

So for years I have been collecting spirals and using them, for when I read my bible. I had been considering changing the way I did things, and shared a video on my page about it. I found this lady who showed how she did hers. Although I did not use what she said at the same time it was good to watch. I don’t really know how I feel about drawing in God’s Word but I do have spirals all ready. so I decided to turn them into something else. In this page nothing in it is my own to say I did not draw these images, I did add them all and design the page.

All artwork I will be sharing is my own and originals created and designed by me. but this page in particle is my own PERSONAL journal page, I am sharing. it is not for sale, nor am I seeking profit from this picture. in fact I will shortly make a video telling everyone how I made this and where I bought things from. Either way it says Genesis, in the tab, but I am going to change this to the front page or either use 2 Samuel introductory page. I haven’t decided yet.

This is my new passion! ❤

Bittersweet Turned to Sweetbitter!

So as I was going to write this I had to look up the definition to bittersweet. and I thought it meant, something that taste bitter then turned sweet, but according to google definition it means the opposite.

(of food, drink, or flavor) sweet with a bitter aftertaste.
another term for woody nightshade (see nightshade).
a vinelike climbing plant that bears clusters of bright orange pods.

So have you ever cut your finger, Then you pour on some Bactine, hydrogen peroxide, or even the good old rubbing alcohol on it? It kind of burns? Does anyone ever use Neosporin on it? I always think that stuff amazing! Seems to heal thing at least 7 times faster. I do believe that to be true in my years of using it anyways. Do you ever notice these things heal? and when they heal do you remember the pain? If you could not see the scar, how many would even remember years later they cut them self? So how many paper cuts have you had in your life? Can anyone count theirs? I don’t believe I can count mine. Perhaps I am more clumsy then others though.

All I know is at the time it hurts but later you forget the pain. I have had some deep wounds in my life, and my God if you pour on hydrogen peroxide, or the old rubbing alcohol sometimes the pain seems unbearable. I had one wound so deep. I swear I saw stars like in the cartoons. No!, I DID see stars!! I am almost certain!! In fact I had other wounds that hurt so bad I passed out. and those things healed too.

I always appreciate when the neosporin gets rubbed on. makes it feel good. I do believe in my heart, The Word of God is the neosporin we all need in our life! it is the healing ointment of God. years ago. I hated being thumped on the head with my bible. I hated the bible thumpers too.

They were like alcohol to my wounds. It stung.. it was a slap to the face. oh God here come them preacher people again no matter what the religion run from them guys I said, and I did and it was all bitter to my soul. the resentment I had for all the ones who preached the Gospel. I wish they would die and fall off the face of earth. God is not real. God is fake.

Something down in me wouldn’t out right curse God though. because I always felt in my heart, something made us and what if God is real? I don’t want God to strike me dead. I have enough problems to deal with I don’t need a to be angering God. So just on the slim chance God is real. I would not curse God. but at the same time I cursed God with my own sin. My acts of things I did. The rebellion heart I had. I said to myself all men are liars. We didn’t come from monkeys. the monkeys in the zoo still haven’t changed. I am sorry I just don’t believe. it was a terrible life. I hurt when nobody saw, my heart was so dark.

I thank God for my dark heart, although if I could relive my past I would chose different. but we don’t get that option. Today God I worship you. I am sorry I did not do these things before. With open lips and an open heart, I will praise you God. I will honor you. I am sorry I turned away from you. God give me strength to never turn away from you again. I love you and each day I will seek you. I will rise. I will give you praise and I mean this God!! I thank you sooooooooooo much for your healing ointment. For the blood that was shed for me and all willing. I appreciate you God! and I do mean that with my whole heart! Nobody knows the wounds I had!!!

It was not one people on earth that could heal all the things God healed in my life, and I am just keeping it real! It was not a drug, It was not a party, not a friend, not a family, IT WAS ALL GOD! I mean no offense but GOD IS MY NEOSPORIN!

I pray God be the healing ointment in everyone’s life. the Word of God might be bitter to those who don’t sit in it. it is like you are running away from the medicine. Come get your neosporin and your bandaid!! then you can say I don’t even remember that pain anymore!

Jesus is the Healer. I pray many look into the meaning for Jehovah Rapha. I also pray let many grow in God. Look up these names also if you have not all ready. But before I share them, I pray many eyes be open and we examine our bible and know ever since Cain my friends and even Adam and Eve as until this day it is the same. Free will is a blessing and a curse, and those who do not obey God are cursed unto death. Jesus is LIFE. I pray many eat off the tree of life and live, and drink from the Living Water. let us not forget our daily Bread!

I do pray many grow in knowledge and may Almighty GOD add unto GOD daily! Follow Jesus! Have a blessed wonderful day!

Is Christ the last name of Jesus? Does Christ tell us to sin? Is Jesus Christ? Does Jesus say sin? Does the Father say sin? Does the Son say sin? Does God say sin? is Yah God? What is YHWH? Who is Yahshua? Does Yahshua tell us to sin?

Even if you want to mock God for there are many things in this world. But lets just say we are speaking Greek mythology. Does Zeus tell us to continue in sin? I mean seriously what god tells us to continue in sin? is sin death? Why does Jesus speak life? Sorry, the Zeus thing was written in humor for there are some who will say Jesus is a false god and my friends that is not true. I pray many eyes be open to truth and we all come to understanding. God made all people and all names and languages and that is wisdom my friends. I pray it not be bitter, but instead it make many better, in Jesus name Amen!

Until this day sin is cursed until death and many are left wounded. they have no bandaid, not ointment and they suffer because of such. Let God turn that bitter sweet into sweetbitter my friends!! I pray these words be ointment to the reader and may God anoint your heads with wisdom, in Jesus name Amen! Written by Michelle Stokes!

Worship Music

Hello dear people! Today I just write to prayerfully inspire someone out there today!  One of the biggest movements in my life was when I put down all that worldly music. I went to Christian music, and MY GOD!! HOW WONDERFUL IT WAS!!  it was and is so WONDERFUL! I have not went back to that godawful stuff I use to listen to!

Input produces Output it is true!  I first started with the intentions I would listen 15 minutes a day that quickly turned into an hour and within a week I was listening all day. That brought me to tears. tears of happiness, tears of repentance, a change of heart. I have not looked back and I don’t want to. In fact, I wish I had done this years ago!!  When I wake out of bed, I give God thanks. I listen to worship music, as I ready myself for the day. I tell you when I say, my day isn’t right unless I do these things!!

I never want to leave God’s presence.  I found in my life, life without God is no place I want to be!! I once traveled down that road and I am so thankful God directed my feet and said My Child the narrow straight path is the WAY! Amen! it truly is!!! ❤  once you sit at God's feet for you and nobody else, Then My God!!! That is when you see the wonders of God and it truly is amazing to be a part of!  I pray this year for Christmas, God gift us with the greatest gift to men. That gift is God. to be filled with the Holy Spirit, to sit in God's Word. I even pray many get filled with the Holy Ghost and God give the reader new tongues!

And by tongues, I do not mean the gibberish the churches teach you. I mean a new tongue, a new spirit a new heart. the things that use to be bitter like reading your bible and sitting with God, God turn into a WONDERFUL DELIGHT TO YOU!  Those are my prayers, and I pray this be the season God answer them and bless God's people with a WONDERFUL NEW SPIRIT!

May God take away your bitter and turn it into better my friends in Jesus name Amen!  be blessed by God's presence, which does come from feasting with God. delight in the Word. eat it. it is our daily Manna. it is our spiritual bread. Drink it like a newborn craves breast milk from their Mother. drink it like it is H2O. For indeed the Word is the Living Water. it is also good solid meat for the navel and bones. it is everything the human condition needs to survive and this is truth beloveds!

We are indeed created by GOD and to go without our Creator is to walk around empty and void. We all search for our missing piece never understanding we miss the ONE who created us! the Holy Spirit- Invisible God is what makes us whole! Seek the Lord wholly and and whole you will be made. Tis the season to rejoice in God my friends! have a blessed wonderful day and I pray God make you WONDERFUL in Him! in Jesus name Amen! if you are tired of your outcome change your approach! can't expect something new doing the same old thing. Words to consider friends! Shalom dear people! I love you guys! ❤

Joyful Spirit

I confess I been writing, speaking, preaching the Gospel for many years now, and it is getting harder to do it. I found a great peace in God. and with knowledge comes much grief and before I was grieved for people. now it is hard to feel grief, for God took it all from me. I am so joyed and I have been for years now. I was once sad, always crying, always hurting, lost in despair. fallen in a pit. I could not dig myself out of it. I was unable to rise on my own.

I sought the Lord with my whole heart and because of such, I was made whole. I am thankful to be alive and truthfully it is hard for me to see others, because my eyes are on the prize. I don’t want to preach to any. My only desire is to sing to God constantly. I love the Lord. I don’t care to put on an act or show. I almost feel guilty for so much of the world is sad right now and I am not. but I do say when I was sad much of the world was partying and having a good old time.

I also found the power in prayer and you can preach to you are blue and be like Jeremiah and have no converts. You could do that. You can also be a pastor and lead a great many but what I found in my life to be the most effective is to pray for others, pray for leaders, pray for your neighbors, your enemies and then just rest and wait and watch God move! MAN THAT IS AMAZING!  Thankful to be a witness of God my friends and I am nobody special! I am just a nobody who sat with the Only Body who was able to complete me and make me whole and I do truly pray many come to the wholeness of the Lord. If you seek God wholly, whole you will be made, and it is true. God wipes away the tears, and takes away all things bitter and replaces it with better. and either I am special or God does this to all who seek with their heart. That is what is written in my bible friends. have a blessed wonderful day dear people! I pray God bless the reader with a new spirit.

With a sound mind, a clear conscience and fill us with a spirit that will praise, honor and worship! for indeed God is worthy my friends!

It All Started At The Tower Of Babel

I remember how Santa Claus warped me as a kid. I was a good child. I obeyed my parents. I went to school with disrespectful children. they hit each other, they spit on each other, they called each other names. and I sat for two years listening to how Santa rewarded them. I was poor and did not receive what I asked Santa for. and I could not understand how these kids I clearly could see were not the same as me and yet Santa rewarded them. it truly warped me as a kid. I am so thankful my parents told me Santa wasn’t real. I could understand more when I knew my parents brought me gifts. I believe with my whole heart if people want to participate in Christmas they should say. The Lord provides for Mommy and Daddy and because the Lord provides we are able to give these gifts. Thank God for jobs and provision and parents who love us. I also remember Santa Claus and the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy were a great part in turning my heart away from God. for these things were not real. God must not be real either. I am so thankful God went after me and saw my heart. God has a way of using the foolish things of men to help His children and I am one of them! thankful that even though Santa didn’t hear me, GOD DID! I do not celebrate Christmas as the world does. Every Christmas I read the bible out loud to Jesus. I say, Lord, I know you were born some day even if not today and I will give you today. I do read my bible every day but on Christmas, I will read it all day. I got banned on facebook for reading the bible out loud on Christmas day live. Apparently, it was offensive and against facebook policies. Oh well I didn’t do it for facebook. I did it for Jesus. I think it is good to honor the day Jesus was born but since nobody knows what day that is, I lift up Jesus on Christmas as I do every day of the year! But I do confess Jesus gets all day on December 25. This year I got new bibles coming for Christmas! YAY! I usually do not even do gifts but this year I said Lord I am going to celebrate and buy my self two new bibles and YAY! I did and this year once again I will crack one or both them babies open and do as I have for many years! I will celebrate Christmas with Jesus! and honestly, it is a blessing to be alive and be able to do such things! #GoTeamJESUS!

Whosoever Will, May Come

Since Christmas is almost upon us, and many people do not fully know it’s origin, (do a google search and you will get different answers), one has to ask: if Christmas came from the Roman Catholics, and they got it from paganism, where did the pagans get it? So I looked in the Bible, going all the way back to Genesis 11. There we read the account of  the Tower of Babel and an evil man named Nimrod, a great grandson of Noah. Nimrod married his own mother and started the first man ruled empire at Babel which was later known as Babylon. This began the great organized worldly apostasy from God that has dominated this world to this very day. During the time between Babel and Christ, there were pagan beliefs and celebrations centering around the sun, sun gods, female goddesses, etc.  Below is a quote in bold from…

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