Set aside. closer to God

Praise the Lord all who follow me and all who don’t! I pray the reader’s day is blessed and if not I pray God bless it right now. I pray your tomorrow be blessed also. I am in the middle of getting some things done and I may not be around that much. I spoke of this last month, and honestly I have not stopped working since then, but somethings take time before you can showcase your progress.

I just came on to say hi to everyone and again I pray your day is blessed. Praying for people’s anxieties. people’s lives, Praying God draw many of us closer to God everyday. Those are my prayers. Everyday we wake. Set time apart for God. if you do not know God 15 minutes a day is better then no minutes. I do not want to put a limit on the time you spend with God but truthfully I myself think it important to put God in you everyday.

When we rise out of bed. Good morning Lord! thank you for rising me today! I pray for strength. I pray for energy. I pray for wisdom through my day. I thank you for today even though I know not what today will bring I thank you for being with me all day long God. and then you can add others to your prayers.

You can pray about many things, and I do pray many start praying. Word of God. I love the bible I think it is a guide to life, and God here on earth. but as a person who prayed all my life. I have seen God in my life before I read the bible. Just by prayers alone. I myself don’t suggest this. I consider it good advice to start praying and bible reading. Just my suggestion friends. I pray many of grow in to Children of God, God can be proud of! I also pray many of us grow into Man and Woman of God and we delight in GOD and GOD delight in us! Those are my prayers dear people! I pray the reader be blessed! Have a wonderful blessed day and thanks for stopping by my page! Shalom dear ones! ❤

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