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if anyone came to my page yesterday or the day before you probably read post I have removed. I spoke about facebook. I have removed all those post off my page because I will not give the devil one ounce of glory.  But in enlightment of the things that have happened, I have deleted my facebook and my youtube channel.  there are broken links on my page and they will remain broken until I fix them. But I am not the best speaker and never have been so honestly the videos and work served a purpose God assured me.

either way two wrongs don’t make a right and even though facebook wronged me, I do not want to be on the same page as them, so I have removed my post. but I will say I am praying for people who speak truth. Not the watered down messages of God. They seem to stand fine on facebook but a lot of people speaking truth are truly being targeted on facebook and I do know because I seem to have been one of them and this is truth. Either way no more talk about facebook. I am blessed to have been able to use that platform for so long but truly I think my hour for facebook is over.

I did, however, have some valuable knowledge I will make available, written in those facebook post I deleted. so in the next day or two I will sift through what I wrote and readd the things I felt needed to be in the open. I love you guys and I am truly thankful for every single person God brings to my page. I am praying for us daily. i do truly pray God add unto God and many of us grow in God.

I pray our spiritual eyes be open and God water us and help His Children grow into healthy Man and Woman and those are my prayers dear people! Love you guys and I pray your day is blessed and wonderful in Jesus name Amen!

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