No More Water Baptism

resharing this. Food for growth and something to indeed consider friends! I pray God open the eyes of the blind and God please Lord remove all stumbling blocks religion has placed on your people so we my rise and walk in Jesus name amen!

in order to find truth, sadly you must unlearn everything religion taught you. be baptized in God and not religion. Church is good but seriously it is like when Paul rebuked them about circumcision. it is about faith. God sees the heart and always has. Many are dipped in the water and not filled with the spirit. So why is that? if mere baptism saves, then my friends we could continue acting anyway and say we are saved? Then this is the same, do we continue in sin when we found grace? being born again according to Jesus is to be born of water and spirit. Then we look at the woman at the well, was she baptized? and what water was Jesus speaking of?

It’s like the bread. was Jesus talking about the physical loaves of bread or something else? What if one found Jesus in the desert and there was no water to be baptized? Shall this man perish because there is no water? if he pleads to God to be saved with His whole heart, shall God then say no, I will not hear your prayers because you did not get baptized?… God thoughts are not men’s thoughts and God sees the hearts. it is the same as God told Cain if you do good shall you be rewarded? Does God punish the good doers? Just words to consider my friends. for years I been preaching against religion but not really. More so speaking so people start searching. Shall we circumcise our body parts or our heart? That is another question to pray on. I delighted in this post! have a blessed day!via No More Water Baptism

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