Jesus in hell, interesting

So for tonight I have a challenge. I would like anyone to produce the scripture that says Jesus went to hell. Something else. What is the last name of Jesus? Does anyone in the bible have a last name? and can anyone show me where it says come as you are? or let go and let God? I do know the answers to these questions. Some I get and others I don’t. would love to hear anything people find and opinions and would love to see scriptures. Have a blessed wonderful day dear people!

Also food for growth, many names that are in new testament are in the old testament only spelled and pronounced different, Does anyone know some of these names? Anyways I do consider these interesting things to know! Grow in God dear people! have a wonderful day or night even afternoon whatever it is when the reader see this! Love you guys! Good night! I also am interested in knowing where the once saved always saved bible verses are. or the ones people use to justify this. and why. This is open for discussion! Please make sure you have bible scriptures. I am interested in learning!

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