Faithful you have been

God knows one of my greatest prayers is I be faithful to God until death and after. For I am feared I may turn away. I mean I don’t want to but I was once a backslider and I turned from God but I never really knew God. I heard bits and pieces of God through people and religion. I only half served. I would pray often, I would see God and never understand because of my ignorance.

I would pray for hours. I would fast for days. I would sing God praises but never would I read my Word, because I never thought I was worthy. I started seeing God. I started writing for God. I never knew I was writing the bible. I found out I was. I logged off. I spent a solid year in the Word. I cried. I repented. WOW what a sad and blessed day. I would of understood my life so much more if only I had been reading my Bible. I thank God for that lovely Book men fought (fight) over. I had visions about religions, I thought it was a false vision, I went to the churches God told me to go. I found God was not a liar, and I was only ever hearing God. because of lack of knowledge I questioned many things.

If I had been reading I could of saw more clear, I can not change the past. To be honest I am thankful it happened. I wish I had not ran from God for so long. I wish I had read the bible sooner. but then I think. Would I have the faith I have now if I had done that? I do not know, because that is not how it happened. but one thing I know so may people sat for years in the churches and they do not have the same relationship with God as I do.

These are not my words but words they spoke to me. I even had a couple of them confess they were jealous. but seriously do you know what I had to go through to get this crown on my head? It wasn’t placed there from birth and if it was I don’t know it. I got this crown from being beaten. from suffering, for being broken over and over repeatedly.

personally I think many times I would gladly have traded places. I would love to have sat in churches for years. To be able to have that as a testimony. To say I walked a good life. I would be proud to have that path. But then I think, but what if I had to give up what I have with God? now not sure I would trade places with any and that is truth.

All I know is faithful God has been to me and faithful I will be to God. I totally devote my life to you God. Everything I have is yours!! for I am nothing without God and everything I have is what God gave to me. So I pray God until my last dying breathe and beyond help me remain faithful for the rest of my life and I 100% believe these prayers will be answered! For nobody on planet earth can separate me from my love of God and that is truth beloveds!

We all look at fruits of the spirit, we all want the good stuff. but so many who quote Galatians 5:22, watch what I tell you. See how many make reference of the long suffering part. hardly any pastors preach this message for it is not pleasant on the eyes it doesn’t make the audience feel good. But my friends life is not easy, and in my house I pray many put their rest in knowing God is the one who Comforts us through our storms. I would rather know there was a Comforter to get me through my hard times, then seek all these good things and forget that life is hard. because the truth in earth is, everyone goes through a trial sometime. a tribulations. it storms everywhere in earth! so why would I want to be preached a fairy tale message when here on earth, when all people go through suffering?

I pray many of us find God and may we find faithfulness in all seasons. my life has taught me no matter what the trial, situation, problem be AND THIS TOO SHALL PASS! It is but a season friend and Jesus is the Son in every season! AMAZING HOW THE SON (Sun)SHINES MY FRIENDS! That is the best news in the world! and I pray many come to faithfulness in Jesus name Amen! Have a blessed day dear people! I love you guys and one of my greatest prayers and that we grow in God and praise His WONDERFUL Name! #GoTeamJESUS! ❤

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