Jesus in hell, interesting

So for tonight I have a challenge. I would like anyone to produce the scripture that says Jesus went to hell. Something else. What is the last name of Jesus? Does anyone in the bible have a last name? and can anyone show me where it says come as you are? or let go and let God? I do know the answers to these questions. Some I get and others I don’t. would love to hear anything people find and opinions and would love to see scriptures. Have a blessed wonderful day dear people!

Also food for growth, many names that are in new testament are in the old testament only spelled and pronounced different, Does anyone know some of these names? Anyways I do consider these interesting things to know! Grow in God dear people! have a wonderful day or night even afternoon whatever it is when the reader see this! Love you guys! Good night! I also am interested in knowing where the once saved always saved bible verses are. or the ones people use to justify this. and why. This is open for discussion! Please make sure you have bible scriptures. I am interested in learning!

Faithful you have been

God knows one of my greatest prayers is I be faithful to God until death and after. For I am feared I may turn away. I mean I don’t want to but I was once a backslider and I turned from God but I never really knew God. I heard bits and pieces of God through people and religion. I only half served. I would pray often, I would see God and never understand because of my ignorance.

I would pray for hours. I would fast for days. I would sing God praises but never would I read my Word, because I never thought I was worthy. I started seeing God. I started writing for God. I never knew I was writing the bible. I found out I was. I logged off. I spent a solid year in the Word. I cried. I repented. WOW what a sad and blessed day. I would of understood my life so much more if only I had been reading my Bible. I thank God for that lovely Book men fought (fight) over. I had visions about religions, I thought it was a false vision, I went to the churches God told me to go. I found God was not a liar, and I was only ever hearing God. because of lack of knowledge I questioned many things.

If I had been reading I could of saw more clear, I can not change the past. To be honest I am thankful it happened. I wish I had not ran from God for so long. I wish I had read the bible sooner. but then I think. Would I have the faith I have now if I had done that? I do not know, because that is not how it happened. but one thing I know so may people sat for years in the churches and they do not have the same relationship with God as I do.

These are not my words but words they spoke to me. I even had a couple of them confess they were jealous. but seriously do you know what I had to go through to get this crown on my head? It wasn’t placed there from birth and if it was I don’t know it. I got this crown from being beaten. from suffering, for being broken over and over repeatedly.

personally I think many times I would gladly have traded places. I would love to have sat in churches for years. To be able to have that as a testimony. To say I walked a good life. I would be proud to have that path. But then I think, but what if I had to give up what I have with God? now not sure I would trade places with any and that is truth.

All I know is faithful God has been to me and faithful I will be to God. I totally devote my life to you God. Everything I have is yours!! for I am nothing without God and everything I have is what God gave to me. So I pray God until my last dying breathe and beyond help me remain faithful for the rest of my life and I 100% believe these prayers will be answered! For nobody on planet earth can separate me from my love of God and that is truth beloveds!

We all look at fruits of the spirit, we all want the good stuff. but so many who quote Galatians 5:22, watch what I tell you. See how many make reference of the long suffering part. hardly any pastors preach this message for it is not pleasant on the eyes it doesn’t make the audience feel good. But my friends life is not easy, and in my house I pray many put their rest in knowing God is the one who Comforts us through our storms. I would rather know there was a Comforter to get me through my hard times, then seek all these good things and forget that life is hard. because the truth in earth is, everyone goes through a trial sometime. a tribulations. it storms everywhere in earth! so why would I want to be preached a fairy tale message when here on earth, when all people go through suffering?

I pray many of us find God and may we find faithfulness in all seasons. my life has taught me no matter what the trial, situation, problem be AND THIS TOO SHALL PASS! It is but a season friend and Jesus is the Son in every season! AMAZING HOW THE SON (Sun)SHINES MY FRIENDS! That is the best news in the world! and I pray many come to faithfulness in Jesus name Amen! Have a blessed day dear people! I love you guys and one of my greatest prayers and that we grow in God and praise His WONDERFUL Name! #GoTeamJESUS! ❤

Recent activity.

if anyone came to my page yesterday or the day before you probably read post I have removed. I spoke about facebook. I have removed all those post off my page because I will not give the devil one ounce of glory.  But in enlightment of the things that have happened, I have deleted my facebook and my youtube channel.  there are broken links on my page and they will remain broken until I fix them. But I am not the best speaker and never have been so honestly the videos and work served a purpose God assured me.

either way two wrongs don’t make a right and even though facebook wronged me, I do not want to be on the same page as them, so I have removed my post. but I will say I am praying for people who speak truth. Not the watered down messages of God. They seem to stand fine on facebook but a lot of people speaking truth are truly being targeted on facebook and I do know because I seem to have been one of them and this is truth. Either way no more talk about facebook. I am blessed to have been able to use that platform for so long but truly I think my hour for facebook is over.

I did, however, have some valuable knowledge I will make available, written in those facebook post I deleted. so in the next day or two I will sift through what I wrote and readd the things I felt needed to be in the open. I love you guys and I am truly thankful for every single person God brings to my page. I am praying for us daily. i do truly pray God add unto God and many of us grow in God.

I pray our spiritual eyes be open and God water us and help His Children grow into healthy Man and Woman and those are my prayers dear people! Love you guys and I pray your day is blessed and wonderful in Jesus name Amen!

No More Water Baptism

resharing this. Food for growth and something to indeed consider friends! I pray God open the eyes of the blind and God please Lord remove all stumbling blocks religion has placed on your people so we my rise and walk in Jesus name amen!

in order to find truth, sadly you must unlearn everything religion taught you. be baptized in God and not religion. Church is good but seriously it is like when Paul rebuked them about circumcision. it is about faith. God sees the heart and always has. Many are dipped in the water and not filled with the spirit. So why is that? if mere baptism saves, then my friends we could continue acting anyway and say we are saved? Then this is the same, do we continue in sin when we found grace? being born again according to Jesus is to be born of water and spirit. Then we look at the woman at the well, was she baptized? and what water was Jesus speaking of?

It’s like the bread. was Jesus talking about the physical loaves of bread or something else? What if one found Jesus in the desert and there was no water to be baptized? Shall this man perish because there is no water? if he pleads to God to be saved with His whole heart, shall God then say no, I will not hear your prayers because you did not get baptized?… God thoughts are not men’s thoughts and God sees the hearts. it is the same as God told Cain if you do good shall you be rewarded? Does God punish the good doers? Just words to consider my friends. for years I been preaching against religion but not really. More so speaking so people start searching. Shall we circumcise our body parts or our heart? That is another question to pray on. I delighted in this post! have a blessed day!via No More Water Baptism