Older Generations

Thank God for older generations. For people who taught us values, for people who spoke education, to people who were not afraid to correct bad children. use to be a whole generation of them. parents knew who they were. They knew they were the ones who paid the bills. it was an option to keep a kid. although abortions might not of been big plenty of orphanages there was. Any parent could have dropped off their kid.they could of tossed them out in the street. the option was still there just as it is.

Parents use to tell kids You live in my house. I clothe you, I feed you, I pay the bills and not vice verse They let you know early your place and honestly God bless this generation because now a different generation has come and they are entitled to everything? man if I tried to speak entitlement in my house I would of got kicked out and as a woman who is old. I so agree with this philosophy. What parent wants to slave and labor for kids who they birth, they bring into this planet to have some unappreciated children around? Maybe some parents do but I tell you not me. I wouldn’t even mention I missed the generation of give elders respect. now little 9 year old are telling grown adults to suck they…….. Respect elders, authority, anything, out the window.

Sorry, my friends that is the way I was raised and I believe in this. there are no free rides they use to say. We had chores and it was not an option. Talk about allowance? You are allowed to live in our house they said. I am so thankful for this generation who taught me rules. As I got older I might not want to of heard everything I was told but I found out these people really loved me.

Why would I want to be around someone who keeps telling me to drink all the time? You know after a few years of drinking you can come dependant on it. So why would my friends keep saying drink? I found out the ones who love me are the ones who said hey man don’t pick it up.  Either way I am so thankful for the older generation who spoke life to me. I pray now that I am old, I can be one of them and those are my prayers my friends, and as a child when I was told things that saved my life. not sure I always liked them at the time but man years later when I needed to hear it. MY GOD!! ❤ All I am saying!

I am so thankful it was spoken to me or I never would of knew I needed it! Thank you older generation for having common sense because common sense seems to be gone these days. Just something I seem to observe but what do I know. God bless everyone this was a random blog. Kind of like when them old people say hey back in my days. yep I am one of them guys now! YAY! and I think that is something to be happy about! again God bless all the elders that taught us common sense and morals!

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