Cup of joy

This is the next piece of art I will be transforming. I don’t know that I am an artist, but my new passion is just going to be create what I consider art. I have already transformed a few pieces and I can see mistakes in them. Practice makes perfect. Anyways I truly like to do before and after pictures so this is the before. We shall see what it becomes. All my inspiration comes from God. This is where my heart is set. To just spend time with God and let my heart be set on my passion and my passion is God, so I pray it shows in everything I do. Have a blessed day dear people! I love you guys! ❤ As with my other art I pray some people read the scriptures in my art. I think sooner or later I will showcase them all together. Anyways I am in the process of doing new things, just not sure how long everything will take! God bless every single reader that God brings to see this and even those who don’t. have a wonderful day dear people!


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